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Hi Everyone   So much exciting footwear to tell you about this season I am not sure where to start.  I have settled on a series of MTO's we have ordered from trickers:   Trickers Bourton Revival - The Bourton receives modern detailing in the form of a rear pull tab and blue rubber soles.   The Stow in a gorgeous cafe suede The Robert - we know our customers like this shoe, but this version comes with a lightweight flexible leather sole. The Trickers...
Gorgeous. Nice weather too by the look of it.
Thanks for the kind comments! We hope you enjoy the boots!
Hi Thanks for your interest in this style - let me know if you have any questions we can help with? Regards Mike
Hi    Was it an order from our stock or is it a back order?   I am sure you wont be disappointed!   Mike
Oh no, I will have to obtain some of that from our stock now too!  Thanks for the tips.
 I have a pair of burgundy Perth, I was wondering about developing the colour. I brought home a few different shades from our polish stocks with this in mind only yesterday - but not hermes red - but it does sound like a good idea.   I would echo your comments about being very careful about using darker polishes on lighter shoes - that might be a road from which there is no return. I will certainly consider Hermes red as an option - and post photos...
 Hi Meyboom This just underlines the difficulties in recommending sizes without trying on shoes - it will never be an exact science.  Thanks for sharing your fitting experience though - and certainly worth noting that somebody on the edge of being a 9 US might find an 8.5 UK roomy in the 205 last. Mike
Hey @David Midecem   Please don't hesitate to contact us directly for sizing advice.  Your Brannock size would generally lead us to expect that you would take an 8.5 F in English shoes.  The Cambridge tends to fit quite true to size - I have a pair myself in my usual size (it is a great shoe!). We would suggest an 8.5 - I am not sure on what basis @Meyboom suggests an 8 - perhaps you could elaborate? In our experience US sizes are half a size larger than UK sizes.   Mike
Looking good!
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