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Those are nice. I'm a size 8 too....
Does anyone know if JGilbert's preorder for the Cigar Indy has been confirmed?
FWIW, I placed my deposit in October of 2013. My size is fairly common (8D Barrie) and LS was able to add me. If you're interested it wouldn't hurt to call them and ask. 
^Harrison Limited
Hopefully all the recent availability of shell means the LeatherSoul Color 8 Pitt Boot will be confirmed for production. I can't wait for those and actually prefer it over several rare models in ravello and cigar.  
Now if Leffot will just place a preorder for the Color 8 / Alpine Grain saddle....
That was quite a surprise, to be honest. Sometimes you have to wonder if these 2+ year-old preorders are just forgotten about by Alden. I guess in this instance that isn't the case.    I love my daytrippers - great boots. 
see post 83709
$695, i think
My size was sold out but now it has reappeared. Maybe there were quality issues?
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