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Yeah, I think it's too late now. I know cigar is rare, but I would love DC to do a run of these in D widths. Who knows Kathy reasonably well? We could try and ask if it's remotely possible. 
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What sizes are available? Those look fantastic.    Edit: Never mind, saw the post a few pages back. Only E widths. 
 Mike, The chromexcel sounds great. I like the shell idea too, but already have the Leffot tanker. Would you consider a version in snuff suede with leather soles and a flat welt? 
^ Aberdeen NST boot in snuff would be great. 
Those are nice. I'm a size 8 too....
Does anyone know if JGilbert's preorder for the Cigar Indy has been confirmed?
FWIW, I placed my deposit in October of 2013. My size is fairly common (8D Barrie) and LS was able to add me. If you're interested it wouldn't hurt to call them and ask. 
^Harrison Limited
Hopefully all the recent availability of shell means the LeatherSoul Color 8 Pitt Boot will be confirmed for production. I can't wait for those and actually prefer it over several rare models in ravello and cigar.  
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