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That's valid, though the tweed=professorish link is not tremendously strong on my campus. We have more of a "not dressing like a kid" = professorish. Clothing is at the point where tucking in a shirt will send that message to some people.   In the interests of full disclosure, I'd be happier as an English professor than as, say, a stockbroker or truck driver.
Very light blue would be fine. A white shirt would also work, and might be the better choice by a slim margin.   Have fun.
I have seen many a jersey knit sweater, but I was thinking of something in a much finer gauge and/or tighter knit that the sweaters I've seen. I didn't really make that clear, but I was picturing something like cotton jersey, but in wool, which I imagined would look an awful lot like poly doubleknit.
Formal as in black tie, or formal as in wear a suit and tie? Blue suit as in navy blue, or blue suit as in bright blue? Light blue shirt as in super-light blue, or french blue?
I would worry about it sending a '70s, poly knit lesuire suit vibe, but since I've never really seen jersey knit wool in person that may be unfounded. I also thing it would work better as an odd jacket than as a suit.
There's a part of me that wants to pretend I'm "too cool" for this, but that part of me is a jerk.   I'm at film school. I'm young. I dress like an old guy. I'm here after a while spent on a different menswear forum.
Since I'm currently (nearly) 20 and in college, I may as well jump in here.   This is a thread full of pretty good advice, but I will suggest making sure your sportcoat choices are more casual ones. A navy blazer, for example, is a great thing to own, but I personally think that it comes second to, say, a gray, olive, or brown tweed in my hierarchy. That's because the rough texture of tweed appears a little more laid-back, even with a tie. In terms of ties, aim for...
New Posts  All Forums: