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No black shoes without a necktie. Of course, black shoes are rarely a good choice for me, given that I wear mostly tan pants, but still.
He mentioned not having much money. I assumed he was thinking of buying those pants, though that may have been poor reading comprehension on my part. It's tough to find all-wool pants for $88 (if I am wrong about this, please correct me and assist me in finding a pair), but decent blended ones are an option at that price. I figured that, if he wanted gray pants for $88, a blend would be better than cotton, for the reasons I mentioned.Obviously, this is not really the place...
Thank you. As a car nut, I'll be jealous of you.
Oh, is that chambray? I thought it was like one of those grayish Express-type shirts. I respect you more now. I still think the jacket is a little too fall/winter for madras, though.
A madras bowtie with that shirt? Any tie with that shirt will make you look like a suburban used car salesman. Madras is probably also wrong for that jacket, even with an appropriate shirt.
Renault 4, I suspect.I like the advice of these two wealthy Italian men whose livelihood is based around clothes, but I suspect that, because I am in fact an art student from the 'burbs, I shouldn't take it nearly as seriously as they do.
Yes, penny loafers work with gray trousers. I have misgivings about gray cotton, though. I would worry about them fading in the wash, which isn't a concern for me with gray wool or wool/poly pants, or with tan cotton chinos, which look fine with some wear on them. Of course, you didn't ask about that, and it may just be me.
I don't think that would be a very good idea, particularly if your tie moves a fair bit. If you wear a tie bar that would keep your tie covering the placket, then you might be able to make it work, but I'd still hesitate.
I showed up on a student film set, ready to play a character described as a "cat-obsessed shut-in." I walked over to the director with a bag of clothes. "What costume do you want me to wear?" "This one is perfect," he said as he gestured to the clothes I wore everyday: indifferently colored long-sleeve t-shirt, brown cargo pants, black Chuck Taylors, purple sweatshirt. Everything about a size too large. I cringed while writing that. And that's when I knew it was time to...
Is that a herringbone tie with a herringbone jacket? The orange in the shirt is also a little weird to me with the red in the tie.
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