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There's no pocket square explosion, so it doesn't quite have everything.
I want one with foxes on it, but alas, one hasn't turned up yet. This thread has inspired me to break out my whale tie, though.
#1 is not oxblood. #1 is red as hell. Like, RED. Like, people will make "angels want to wear your red shoes" jokes. #2 is also more red than oxblood, but are ugly. #3 are not mainline AEs, and are lower quality, if I recall their website. My impression of the shoe market is that there aren't many shoes that retail between $100 and $300 that are better quality than really cheap shoes. They're still mostly glued-together and corrected grain. I have a pair of burgundy Bass...
Throw one of the shirts in the wash. I would be surprised if it doesn't heal up. I've purchased new shirts (at Old Navy, admittedly) that have tags punched through them, and they haven't fallen apart appreciably faster than Old Navy shirts usually do. The worst case scenario is that you're out fifteen dollars. Brown-bag your lunch for the next three Tuesdays and chalk it up to experience.
Yes, but you might want to stick to bluchers and loafers if the rest of your clothes are more casual. Figure out how formally or informally you want to dress, and then pick out shoes that are consistent with that.
Because he's wearing khakis.
Just go out of your way to not act like a douchebag, and you ought to be alright.
By black canvas shoes, do you mean sneakers? I think so of this advice is predicated on wearing leather shoes. The advice, in particular, to wear brown shoes and wool pants definitely means real shoes. I still wouldn't wear black tennis shoes with khakis. Actually, if you want to move your style up in formality, you would do well to start wearing shoes made of leather, preferably brown.
I have burgundy and dark green, which are great with gray or brown tweed, and a light blue which is nice with a navy blazer or something in gray. I want a chocolate brown to go with my olive tweed, and a black one to go to with a gray check SC I have. I don't think I'd do a cream one, because I like using my knit ties as foils to patterned shirts, and that wouldn't work with cream.
Nahh, he should wear what he wants. I say this as somebody only slightly older, but screw it. There's a chance he & I may both regret wearing what we're wearing now, but if he wants to dress a certain way, then he should do that.That being said, OP, do check out other looks, and don't get too married to any one way of dressing unless you're totally sure about it.
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