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Cool kicks T   I fancy a pair of the New Balance
Morning chaps,   I'm thinking about taking advantage of that free shipping on some Owen and James chinos, love the lime colour, has any one got a pair yet?    Gerry that suit looks great. I have a green birdseye suit which was made for Chester Barry, one of my fav fabrics....although they made the jacket like a sack.
Agreed....Good finds Gerry
That is so strange, I was thinking about this today. I am sure Rob would be keen to be involved.   http://christiankimber.tumblr.com/
  Same....What are you called if you're from Victoria.
What colours can we expect, you might have already told us.   Looking forward to see them.
I meant Brunello, typo above.   Bucks have some bits...
Look, they have a great store and have a wonderful history in Melbourne as a menswear hub. There is nothing else like it that I know of in Melbourne with their range of brands. In my opinion they are from an different generation of menswear and do not feel they have to give you a certain retail experience, my guess is that they feel the quality of the product is enough. My kind of retail is sitting down with a client and getting to know them, so you can understand what...
  Agreed.    Crude...but yes
My last post was for you, I forgot to quote you.   #firstworldproblems
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