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Cool kicks T   I fancy a pair of the New Balance
Morning chaps,   I'm thinking about taking advantage of that free shipping on some Owen and James chinos, love the lime colour, has any one got a pair yet?    Gerry that suit looks great. I have a green birdseye suit which was made for Chester Barry, one of my fav fabrics....although they made the jacket like a sack.
Agreed....Good finds Gerry
That is so strange, I was thinking about this today. I am sure Rob would be keen to be involved.
  Same....What are you called if you're from Victoria.
What colours can we expect, you might have already told us.   Looking forward to see them.
I meant Brunello, typo above.   Bucks have some bits...
Look, they have a great store and have a wonderful history in Melbourne as a menswear hub. There is nothing else like it that I know of in Melbourne with their range of brands. In my opinion they are from an different generation of menswear and do not feel they have to give you a certain retail experience, my guess is that they feel the quality of the product is enough. My kind of retail is sitting down with a client and getting to know them, so you can understand what...
  Agreed.    Crude...but yes
My last post was for you, I forgot to quote you.   #firstworldproblems
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