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Thanks for replying, Brian. are probably right on the faux jackets.    The dufffle coat is a 300$ one, so I am hoping its would be worth getting fitted.   I am sure half of that is a joke...but couldnt understand what you meant by "I'd take in some of the length on that selfie stick first. Maybe trade up for a little girth."   Could you explain a bit in "newbie" language? :)
Hii   I posted on MFA reddit, but they suggesed I ask on Style forum. I am just starting to build my ward-drobe and had a very shitty ward-drobe before. Now that I am gradually improving my ward-robe I remembered I had a couple of faux leather jackets and a duffle jacket I wear regularly. I know the advice is to save up and buy real leather jackets, but I already have these. So I am thinking maybe there might be some merit in fixing and getting these fitted. I...
Wow..i took a few pics and then looked at the fits fits look so much worse..but comments appreciated on how I can improve..For some reason what looked to me by eye..looked bad on the camera..maybe because of teh lightning and stuff...bought the red shirt and white slim fit chinos from college budget and all.. threw out all my bad clothes and trying to build a wardrobe..nothing too fancy...  
Hii..   I am looking to buy a necklace and bracelet for nightclub settings.   These are some that I have been thinking of getting from Buckle. What do you think?     Bracelets    
Yes, they are cheap...around $60...I am trying to choose a good looking leather jacket within that price range... am on a student budget..
I bought this jacket, but now it seems a bit bland...   So I am thinking of getting either one of the following two: what do you think?    
Thanks...I will cop it..  
  I am looking for a cheap desert boot, with a light color, which goes well with dark or light colored jeans. I am thinking of getting this from amazon and costs around 56$. What do you think?
Trying to decide between three different desert boots...Any suggestions on how to choose a trendy color combination? Most of the shoes that I saw in the WYWRN thread are black leather with black soles. Is the "contrasting sole" boot style out?          
  OR       Which one should I buy I am just building my warddrobe and am looking for a fashionable versatile shoe...
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