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I have the following ties for sale. Price is $39 each. Feel free for any offers if you want to buy more than one.   Balenciaga: 3.75" wide, Made in France, New with Tags   Baume Et Mercier: 3.5" Wide, Made in France   Christian Dior Monsieur: 4" wide, Made in Canada   Christian Lacroix: 3.75" wide, Made in Italy   Ermenegildo Zegna: 4" wide, Made in Italy   Fendi: 3.5" wide, Made in Italy   Fendi Cravatte: 4" wide, Made in Italy   Ferragamo: 3" wide, Made...
4 Celine ties for sale.   All made in Italy and 100% silk   $39 each. For additional 25% discount.   Shipping is $10 for Canada and USA
For sale 3 Lanvin ties.    The ties are made in France and are silk except the square end on which is made of polyester   $39 each or best offer.   Shipping in Canada and USA is $10
Gianfranco Ferre ties for sale. They are all silk and made in Italy.   $39 each. Any additional I can give you 25% cheaper.   Shipping in Canada and USA is $10
I have these 2 vintage Brooks Brothers ties.   Yellow one is 4" wide and the blue one is 4.25" wide   $25 each or $40 for both   Shipping to USA and Canada is $10
Kenzo Runners size 7 for sale   Inside length is 10"   Shipping in Canada and USA for $15
Costume National black distressed oxfords for sale   Inside length is 11.5"   Shipping in Canada and USA for $15
Brown Florsheim oxfords for sale.   Inside length is 10.5"   Shipping in USA and Canada is $15
Barker size 7E. Excellent condition. Inside length is 10"   Will ship to USA & Canada for $15
I have a pair of Versace Collection black loafers for sale.   They are in excellent condition   Size is 40 (equivalent to US 7) Inside length is 10.5"   Will ship in USA and Canada. Cost is $15.
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