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The coat has been dated to late 1950's with an original retail value of $158. A member had advertisements from vintage menswear magazine. The coat is completely moth hole free and in amazing condition. It has been out on two photoshoots already. Did not dryclean it - put it in the clothes dryer on delicate with a scent free sheet for 30 minutes and all dust and smell completely gone. Saved a lot and have used the dryer over drycleaning many times since with women's vintage.
Picked up this Issey Miyake Men 2 piece XL suit and looking to find out what year/season. It is crinkle wool with almost sheer pants. 5 button. The official website says that the 'ISSEY MIYAKE MEN' label began in 2012 but there was a receipt in the pocket from 2011 for a gas fill-up. Have gone through all the photos from 2012 to now but have not seen this suit. Any thoughts?    
Emailed today by the Canadian Museum of Fashion in Ontario. They want the piece for their collection. Donation of course. Torn. Cool coat for selling but also cool to have it in a fashion museum. Will probably try to sell first and if not, then donate.
I paid $56 for it
Picked this item up at a thrift. Clerk said a movie production costumer had come by and said the coat was from the 1940's.   This coat is very dusty and smells pretty old. What is the best way to de-dust and remove the smells without drycleaning.   I don't think I want to trust this beauty to the neighbourhood shop.               Thanks for any and all feedback on this coat!
Picked up this Burberrys coat today at a little thrift in Vancouver, BC. Measured: 52. All buttons are leather covered. No holes that I can see so far. Checked Vintage Guild and is pre-1960's Burberrys' as it has no ' after the name. Stylist says 1940's. What you guys think? Definitely for flipping. Vlassis          
Want weird? Check out these Brooks Brothers I picked up today! Can't find this labels in the Vintage Guild so don't know what year they are. Any thoughts? They are wide.      
***Re: Last Post***   "Ultimately, after three months the owner donated them all to a construction work project in the Philippines and they were shipped out."   The jeans are in the Philippines.   Bye,   Vlassis
We saw them for sale but offered to consign them. There was some interest but mostly small amount hipster sales at local markets. Ultimately, after three months the owner donated them all to a construction work project in the Philippines and they were shipped out. That is the last time we do large consignment - keeping inventory of that many jeans that all look exactly the same was a nightmare!
That will be fantastic. Check out the FB event page for menswear update. She went out and found an amazing amount of footwear - Barker and Barker Nova's - and a Balenciaga casual shirt today. I don't know how she does it!   Best wishes,   Vlassis
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