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An extra 10% off total (7% off + 3% off for no paypal) for anyone willing to pick these up from my midtown apt.  Need the closet space / don't want to deal with USPS.  
My friend picked these up from the sample sale for me (thanks friend)...Does anyone know which model this is? I know they were a factory sample, but not sure if the color was the only unique thing about them.
Shameless eBay listing plug if you're an 8D and looking for suede chukkas: http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/282049420477 Will sell to SF members at cost if you message me here - cost is about $250 shipped.
Anyone want a good deal on some chocolate suede chukkas in 8D NIB? Picked them up final sale and just want my money back. $235 cash in Manhattan (otherwise willing to ship in a week + shipping fees and + PayPal fees). Otherwise willing to swap if by some miracle someone has an 8E.
Can anyone comment on the quality of the KW tux and the turnaround time?
I actually have a new DB 42R from last season listed on B&S right now.  I really like it despite not being a usual fan of the style and I wish it fit.  If anyone missed their size, cannot return, and is looking to size up from a 40R to a 42R, I'm interested in trading (NYC).  Stuff I've listed is here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/515847/bnwt-suitsupply-final-drops-suits-car-coats-jacket-and-boots-all-40r-42r-and-size-9
Photos added - updated inventory.
Price Drops 
I know!!!  People have been offering me mtm Kiton suits for my Suitsupply stuff!!!!  
So perceptive... While wearing my Size 8 Suitsupply boots and 40R Suitsupply jacket to work Friday (that I got at the outlet), I was about to put all the ill fitting, final sale items in the office shredder, when I thought 'geez', somebody may want to buy these.  I resisted the temptation and listed them here instead.  Sorry, good sir!  Next time in the shredder they shall go!
New Posts  All Forums: