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Can anyone advise me on what size I would wear on the capital last (pimlico)?  I perfectly fit in a 7 for the 026 Last and any narrower or shorter in length wouldn't work.  Thanks in advance!
Okayama Denim's code is not what is listed.  It is "BLKFRI15".  Good deal on Momotaros
Hey Charlie,   I purchased one belt from you about 3 years ago and have been so impressed with the quality and how it has held up over time that I'm ready to order a few more belts.   I just have one question as you recently mentioned here that the west end roller is more casual than the non-roller edition.  Do you think the stainless steel roller is appropriate to wear with a suit?
I like mine a lot.  They have a lot of character but I just wish they didn't come predistressed.  I think they're nice boots, however I wouldn't pay over 220 for them because at that point I'd probably get a pair of wolverine 1000 mile boots.  If you can find them for at least 50% off I think they're a good deal.  
Some Iphone pics of my 0201s.  No idea how much effective wear, maybe 2-3 months.  One soak, one wash.    [[SPOILER]]
I was certainly not expecting that first picture... Fit looks good though Edit: if those are still raw you are definitely playing with fire if you ever plan to wash/soak them
I have a pair of 0705BIGs exclusive to Blue in Green that I picked up off a styleforum member, but due to some unexpected circumstances (moving to hot climate), I am not going to get much wear out of these for the next year.  Because of this I would like to trade these for the BIG 1705 or enough cash to purchase the jeans.  I wore the 705s out only once and afterwards I soaked them so they are perfectly clean.  The inseam is about 30.25" (if you are interested and need...
How are you liking this pair? I am about to move to a hot climate and am regretting buying 705BIGs when I should have used the money for the 1705 instead. Size 32 anyone?
I am going to be working in south Texas and I need some reccomendations for new clothes that would be more suitable for the extremely hot/humid clothing than what I typically wear to work in the northeast. Does anyone have recommendations for some lightweight dress pants/shirts that would be fine in this type of weather? I am NOT looking forward to the Texan summer so any help to ease the pain would be much appreciated.
Gotcha. Thought the 1 was a typo and you meant the 705
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