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I have a potentially silly question: Is there any reason to get the sleeves hemmed to the proper length (about 1" too long right now) for a tuxedo shirt that will be worn underneath my jacket?  Right now it looks fine as it just bunches up a bit under the tuxedo jacket. 
Hey guys, looking for some help here!  If I fit well in the Alex2 (barneys) in a size 8 what size would I be in the Overton in UK sizing?  I assume the sizes at barney's are US sizes?  Can anyone confirm?  Any help is greatly appreciated - (sorry about the conversion + different lasts).
AS patent shoes in size 9.5 for about $220: Leather%26ppp%3D180%26spp%3D7%26sp%3D1%26rid%3D92|BOOST SAVED SET%26spc%3D14%26rsid%3D%26pn%3D1|0|7|14
Thanks, @SimonC!  Would you recommend that Cheaney shoe over a crockett and jones Overton for the same price?  
No, Cheaney.  I'm not planning on wearing them with anything but a tux.  But is this style going to be out of fashion in 10 years / appropriate for all black tie affairs?
Am I going to regret buying this if I don't want to own two different pairs of shoes for my tux?  It's patent and suede.  Otherwise - any ideas for a different patent leather shoes in the 2-400 dollar range?
Thanks for all the info!  I guess if patent has such a short shelf life it wouldn't make a ton of sense to spend another $200 to upgrade to C&J benchgrade (except if they fit better).  How many wears do you think patent will look good for if taken care of / will a better shoe's patent leather tend to last longer?  
I got two pairs of nike sneakers from them for $40 a pair shipped - you think they're authentic?  How are they selling so cheap if they are legit (shoes look & feel real so I don't really care - just curious)?
Thinking of ordering some loake patent leather shoes on the Claridge last.  They are pretty inexpensive, but how's the quality?  Also, I had to return a Loake 026 Last because it was slightly too tight in the ball of my foot in a size 7.  What size would you recommend on the Claridge last or is that last just not going to fit me well?  Appreciate any advice on the matter!
I fit well into two pairs of boots in size 41 and I wear a 7.5E-8E in AE depending on the last, 8.5 nike.
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