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Thanks for the help guys.
I don't love that color with blue denim. I echo what toasty said. 
Hey guys. I would love some help. I am 20 years old, and currently a college student. I am in the process of upping my wardrobe, but am not sure which direction I want to take it in. I admire the MC style much more than I do SW&D, but I'm sure if someone like me wore a suit everyday, I would look like a complete tool. Any suggestions? I was looking at possibly wearing stuff like Stephan Schneider, Patrik Ervell, etc.... Would this be a good option considering my age?...
I like the jacket. The sneakers look too gaudy.
Do it
It looks like a normal white button up to me.....
I love that shirt! 
Is this jacket.....   the same as this one from the lookbook?    
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