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Ah I see. What are some higher quality brands you would recommend for ME? Obviously, I don't want to be wearing kiton and brioni in college. MTM is also an option, I just don't know what I would wear with MTM shirts if I don't want to "suit up". 
Isn't SS considered to be very good quality? And I usually only buy it when on sale, which is quite often. MTM shirts always look very plain to me.... just like typical dress shirts. SS always makes ones that are very unique.   Not even sure what I would wear with MTM shirts since I dont want to be wearing suits alot.
Ah! Got it, thanks! Bummer, I really liked that one.    What footwear do you Schneider folk wear? I'm not sure what shoes/boots would work well with the whole look. 
Cool! I don't think you look bad by any means. I was just confused why that picture got 40 thumbs up when it looks like what most people wear to my gym. Although if those sneakers really are $1000..... well........ 
Ah thank you.   Yea I like your other pictures MUCH better. You don't go out looking like that all the time do you? 
Can someone post a picture of these older fits you guys are talking about. I'd like to see them.
40 likes?   This looks like gym-wear
Yea i have no problem standing out. I think SS is relatively easy to pull off anyways. Thanks for the input. 
  I'm going to hack your facebook. 
On the subject of shirting... I really, really, like Stephan Schneider shirts. I love just about everything he makes to be honest. Do you guys think MTM shirts would be vastly superior? I just LOVE the fabric/design/color palette of all his stuff, and was thinking of building my wardrobe around most of his clothing. 
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