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Price drop and bump
Helmut Lang Pants Size 48 100% Cotton Made in Italy $50 Canadian (shipping included in the price)   While a bit wrinkly in the pics, the pants are in great condition. 6 pockets - two at the top (traditional placement), two above the knee, and two above the ankle - all zip up. Any questions, please just let me know.
 So true.    But this is also what I really like about Yohji's shops...  every piece is given its own due / space, and that really allows you to consider (or re-look at) it. I wasn't really interested in S/S 2014, but a trip to the Aoyama shop last week finally gave me an appreciation for it.  Being very excited by the A/W 2014-2015 runway pics, I really look forward to seeing the whole collection (even pieces I know I won't buy) in store (women's line included).
Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Coat From Spring Summer 2007 Size 2 100% Cotton Made in Japan Asking $200 $180 (Canadian $'s - sorry no CAD $ option in the drop down) via Paypal.  Shipping costs included in the price.   Great condition - no holes or frays etc.   Yohji's usual oversized fit (I usually wear size 3 for shirts and sweaters, but size 2 for coats). Measurements: Length 31 cm Sleeves 26 cm Width (under arms) 21.5 cm (but read below) This coat has 4 sets of 5...
 Really agree with both of these comments - a little less poetry, a little bit tougher... and I also foresee a hefty price for some of these pieces.
I couldn't relate to S/S'14 at all (sorry for the negativity), but I'm very excited for A/W. Perhaps it is because I prefer to buy Yohji's colour pieces... but I also noted the knitwear (nobody does warm sweaters as well as Yohji) and the attention to detail (e.g. the zipper ends - which may be the silver items from the Gothic line, meaning they'd have to be purchased separately) that I thought was missing from recent collections.  This collection reminds me of the edge...
  Ivwri, I can confirm that this is SS07 as I have the same one (but in green) - purchased at the Aoyama shop during the SS07 season.  Sounds like yours will see some heavy use as well.  
  surver, I had wanted this jacket (or at least the grey/brown colour variation) until I tried it on.  perhaps you are already aware but the fit is very unusual for Yohji - the body is very slim (oversized shoulders, then extremely tapered under the arm).  I usually take a 2, but found this style a bit uncomforatble when I tried it on.  don't want to discourage you, but thought I'd pipe up... 
Some nice pictures (of the 2013-2014 winter collection) from the showroom can be found here.
The Y's S/S 2013 Lookbook is posted here: http://www.fashion-press.net/collections/1562   Whenever I see one of these, I really wish they'd bring back Y's for Men. 
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