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 Try one of the Seibu stores (in Shibuya and Ikebukuro), or Hankyu Men's & Matsuya Ginza (both in Ginza), for other stock.  You could just ask the staff at one of those shops if you are looking for something in particular... but there is usually exclusive items for every store, so it's always fun to hunt.  Good luck! And just to confirm - it actually is $40,000 just for the jacket. 
Nice job sequencing the pics Shah - thanks!    Am curious about how the graphics on the back of the coats were incorporated into the garment (i.e. sewn in, print,...)  
Price drop and bump
Price drop and bump
Helmut Lang Pants Size 48 100% Cotton Made in Italy $50 Canadian (shipping included in the price)   While a bit wrinkly in the pics, the pants are in great condition. 6 pockets - two at the top (traditional placement), two above the knee, and two above the ankle - all zip up. Any questions, please just let me know.
 So true.    But this is also what I really like about Yohji's shops...  every piece is given its own due / space, and that really allows you to consider (or re-look at) it. I wasn't really interested in S/S 2014, but a trip to the Aoyama shop last week finally gave me an appreciation for it.  Being very excited by the A/W 2014-2015 runway pics, I really look forward to seeing the whole collection (even pieces I know I won't buy) in store (women's line included).
Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Coat From Spring Summer 2007 Size 2 100% Cotton Made in Japan Asking $200 $180 $120  (Canadian $'s - sorry no CAD $ option in the drop down) via Paypal.  Shipping costs included in the price.   Great condition - no holes or frays etc.   Yohji's usual oversized fit (I usually wear size 3 for shirts and sweaters, but size 2 for coats). Measurements: Length 31 cm Sleeves 26 cm Width (under arms) 21.5 cm (but read below) This coat has 4 sets of...
 Really agree with both of these comments - a little less poetry, a little bit tougher... and I also foresee a hefty price for some of these pieces.
I couldn't relate to S/S'14 at all (sorry for the negativity), but I'm very excited for A/W. Perhaps it is because I prefer to buy Yohji's colour pieces... but I also noted the knitwear (nobody does warm sweaters as well as Yohji) and the attention to detail (e.g. the zipper ends - which may be the silver items from the Gothic line, meaning they'd have to be purchased separately) that I thought was missing from recent collections.  This collection reminds me of the edge...
  Ivwri, I can confirm that this is SS07 as I have the same one (but in green) - purchased at the Aoyama shop during the SS07 season.  Sounds like yours will see some heavy use as well.  
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