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  Italy.   Do you wear a 36 or did you have to size up so the pants fit through the thigh?   The 36s I have now aren't tight anywhere, but fabric bunches up on my lap when I'm seated. This picture shows what happens when I sit. There is a big roll of fabric.  
I have two pair of AE, walnut Strand and brown burnished calf Fifth Avenue.   I'm looking to buy versatile loafers. What do you recommend?   I think the chili grain calf Randolph looks good.
I've had quite a time finding the right sizing for HY wool pants. I wear a 32 waist in other pants, but a 32 in these pants fits so tight I could barely pull them up. I lift weights including squatting so my thighs are somewhat muscular, but my overall frame is tall and skinny (6'4', 200lbs). Anyway, I returned the 32s for 34s and those were still too tight in the thigh. I returned the 34s for 36s and those fit decently though the leg.   The waist on the 36s needed...
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