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By the way, if you guys are looking for a trimmer version of the jacket, ASOS' Harrington jacket , is a good rendering and a steal at $40 and free shipping. I really like it except for the fact that it's missing one of the great charms of the Baracuta: the Tartan lining... You might also find it a bit snug around the shoulders, bout otherwise a definite choice for those on a budget.
The 'Sex and the city' bit was excruciatingly bad, cheesy, ridiculous. It was probably meant as a parody of the latter, but failed on all counts to be either witty or humourous.
Just ordered a slim G9 in 36 (natural colour) from They have a free shipping promotion right now (code SHIPSHAPE) and with the 20% VAT discount for international buyers (which might come back to bite in the arse depending on the customs), it amounted to £112, ie around $178. Not too bad a price I think, especially considering the fact that if the picture is correct, it is a 'made in England' Baracuta. I cannot wait to get it and I will update on quality and...
Which model is this? It looks great.
I'm in the market for a Gloverall duffle coat (mid-length) and I wanted to know how they fit. I'm usually a 36, should I buy 36 or go up or down?
I have caught up with the last couple of episodes: a lot of cringe worthy moments and reuses of common Sorkin topics and tricks. The psychologist bit was already used in Sports Night (with Josh Charles' character) and The West Wing (Josh Lyman and the president) where we learn about the character's difficult relationship with their father. I would guess Sorkin has some unresolved daddy issues. The death threats and body guard/protectee  relationship was used with CJ...
JCrew's S shirts in slim-fit are the best fit I have found for me.
A comeback to Milan seems increasingly likely. The Madrid-centered and often well-informed Marca reports that Kaka's agent met with Galliani today. They estimate the possible transfer around 10 million euros, which seems a bit high of a price for an aging player who hasn't done much in the past two years. But Madrid is probably trying to milk some of Milan's fresh cash obtained with the sales of Ibra and Thiago Silva.
That's what I was trying to say. Sports Night did not take itself seriously, it was mostly light-hearted. But the Newsroom took every aspect of Sports Night and amplified it ten times: instead of seemingly balanced arguments about abstract themes (drugs, racism...) you get entirely biased arguments about real events and people; and instead of mild physical comedy, you have buffoonesque situations like the door-smashing, cell-stomping, Maggie's outbursts etc... It's all...
Sorkin clearly recycles his topics (and lines), there are numerous sites and videos on youtube compiling the overlaps. But Sports Night was for the most part funny and smart, not taking itself as seriously as The Newsroom. The Newsroom is a caricature of Sports Night; it's as if Sorkin was making a parody of himself. Too bad.
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