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Does anyone feel like the thicker leather on the higher quality wallets defeats the purpose of owning a minimalist wallet in the first place? It seems like I feel them more than I should like to.
First one. It has a more classic look.
What is the consensus on navy leather for men? Bold and different or is it best to stick with black/brown/tan/burgundy? 
Tumi's quality has gone downhill in recent years. You can get better quality leather, made in America, and for a lower price elsewhere.
Convenient and stylish way to carry cash or dinosaurs now due to the widespread use of debit cards?
Wallet is still in good condition with plenty of life left. Made in the USA. It will serve you well for years. Makr has discontinued this style so this is one of the last of it's kind. I am selling it because I don't want a dark brown wallet. $27 includes shipping) USD, prefer Paypal. PM me if interested.
Lightly used Tanner Goods Wallet for sale. The slots are still pretty tight. It's a good wallet, just isn't the one for me. Selling it for $35 USD (price includes shipping).  Paypal preferred.  Send me a private message if interested.
New selling price: $20. Just want it gone.
Titanium money clip for sale. It can hold massive amounts of bills and cards. It's only been lightly used. Selling because I do not need it anymore. Paypal preferred. 
Titanium money clip for sale. $30 U.S.D. Lightly used. A great alternative to a bulky wallet. P.M. me for payment details. 
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