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Wallet is still in good condition with plenty of life left. Makr has discontinued this style so this is one of the last of it's kind. I am selling it because I don't want a dark brown wallet. $42 USD, prefer Paypal. PM me if interested.
Lightly used Tanner Goods Wallet for sale. The slots are still pretty tight. It's a good wallet, just isn't the one for me. Selling it for $35 USD (price includes shipping).  Paypal preferred.  Send me a private message if interested.
New selling price: $20. Just want it gone.
Titanium money clip for sale. It can hold massive amounts of bills and cards. It's only been lightly used. Selling because I do not need it anymore. Paypal preferred. 
Titanium money clip for sale. $30 U.S.D. Lightly used. A great alternative to a bulky wallet. P.M. me for payment details. 
I have one of Clegg's card wallets that I got from Kaufmann Mercantile. I like it a lot. The function is superb.
Five month old Makr Angle Wallet for sale. It's used but their items are designed to last a very long time. There are several years of enjoyment to still be had from this. PM me or respond if interested. Sorry I don't have a better pic. 
It can be hard choosing a wallet. I wouldn't look in a department store for one. Personally, I like Makr's offerings.
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