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Spent the afternoon in the snow trudging up and down 5th and Madison Ave and made a quick excursion to C21. Lots of reductions at C21. Rack of Isaia suits for $769. Appeared to be older labels (black, not red label) but also some cuts I had never seen. They had a "Base E" with 7" drop and a Base T with 9" drop. Almost pulled the trigger on a Brioni sport jacket on the 1/2 priced rack for $600, and may still go back and get that today. Saks and Barney's-- pretty...
Zegna suit # 7 is counterfeit. It is one of those "labelstore0210" suits, which I think Zegna finally succeeded in shutting down. Look at the fabric tag and compare to genuine Zegna fabric tag. All of those counterfeits say "Boutique E... Zegna".
Left Toronto a number of years ago, but, if he's still in business, Paul's on Bathurst @ the 401 was always superb, fast, and reasonable.
Early to mid 90's. Definitely worth the $1 opening bid. Probably not much more.
Received an email from my usual sales associate today that NM sale starts 11/21 with "selected items" at 1/3 off with an extra 15% on tailored clothing and shoes with NM card. He also would put things away on pre-sale. I'm personally trying to steer clear since wife is financial panic mode (and yes, women do panic more than men) but figured I would pass this along.
Canali suit looks genuine but seems overpriced.
You might want to check with your sources on those Zegna suits. The tags do not appear to be Zegna to me (particularly the inner fabric tag on the top suit). I would question their authenticity with your original source. The top tag as well shows a 6-inch drop and Zegna generally has a 7-inch drop. Linings also do not appear characteristic of Zegna.
Many observant Jews do not wear garments of wool and flax (animal+vegetable). The Biblical term is "shaatnez" and in certain ultra Orthodox areas (read Williamsburg, Brooklyn or Monsey in Rockland County) you will see garments rabbinically certified not to contain mixed fabrics.
Zegna mainline is usually available at NM Last Call. Zegna outlets generally stock their overpriced and inferior "Gritti" line but every so often you see a mainline and even a couture garment. Just saw several mainline and couture pieces at Zegna outlet San Marcos (TX). Actually, I ended up with a mainline Zegna Sport unconstructed jacket-- $975 list less 90%
Actually, just found an Isaia black 100% cashmere sport jacket. About 3 years old judging by label but a very "timeless" Isaia cut. Seller wanted $675 buy it now but I offered $250 and settled for $300. The 100% cashmere is selling for around $3395 now at NM so I am pleased with the deal. A few weeks before I got a cashmere-wool blend Isaia in current "Base V" model for $250. But I agree that there are fewer great buys out there and there is a lot more junk being hyped by...
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