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If it is too long, found a tailor and he will give you the best advice and custom fit.- bb714
I use peppermint to clean it through!
price will be!
which online shop are going to on sale
Is it worth for $200
Is it worth for $200http://hk.abercrombie.com/shop/wd/mens-american-made/noonmark-denim-jacket-1223438_01?DM_PersistentCookieCreated=true
CharlieAngel   photos please
I've got it,  the best place to buy from the internet will be! Amazon.... or
I have no idea what is Hemp. However, both I like it as I just saw people comment about that product. It sound really good for me and my raw denim too! For a happy day, stay away with the chemical would be awesome choice to make.    Keep inform us,  Anyone who can show off your Lee Riders Denim Jacket 1 years or more.....   Thx for your advise. 
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