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  Well, I do hope the collection won't be changing just like they said - I'm just saying that maybe they will cancel/abandon the whole brand altogether...
I also heard that. Does it mean that Ten C will cease to exist, do you have any info? I'm really pissed at myself now that I didn't buy the Ten C trench coat when I had a chance...    Doubt I'll come across another one ever...
Don't hold your breath waiting for the reply, they are not very efficient in responding or giving info.
  I understand the need to modify clothing like this, I would only avoid to even try to make the exact copy of any of the elements, exactly as you mentioned. It's better IMO to make something particular that will fit in well with the outer jacket, than trying to make the copy as I'm sure it would fail in 99% and/or be overpriced. Having said that, maybe some padded jacket would fit nice as inner jacket. For example, I combine Geographical Norway with S/S Stone Island...
Why don't you use quilted one? Is it warm enough for cold weather?   I have tried the shearling one in Italy, quality, but too expensive. I've seen on the net that there are padded liners available as well, but didn't see one in flesh.
Great video ceoceo 
Website is online with the first collection.   http://www.nemen.it/   Not bad, but need to see it in the flesh.
You wouldn't be able to do that on the Ten C IMO, as the material is on the stiff side, plus it's pretty thick, so it would definitely look weird.   I wouldn't risk tailoring it, better to buy the proper size. If you're not extremely wide or thin, I don't see a problem with the Ten C's fit for majority of people.
Did not notice this, IMHO sleeve length is proportional to the rest - as pit to pit increases, so does sleeve length, shoulder to shoulder etc.
Made by Fabio Cavina, known from 12th Man, and former Stone Island/CP Company designer Leonardo Fasolo. The Nemen project is being developed in collaboration with historical suppliers of leading brands in Italian sportswear, whose focus is set on continuous research and testing, setting the standards for the fashion market.   Fabrics that are woven for yarns, tested, finished and finally cut and tailored, the beautiful garments dyeing effects, the unique and...
New Posts  All Forums: