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I finally found a pair of PS Ernest shoes in navy, they arrived yesterday. Now I have a dilemma - should I reinforce the leather sole with one layer of rubber or should I just use them as is and put rubber layer once the sole has been thinned a bit? I did not do this on any other pair of shoes I have, but maybe I should...?   Thanks for info, here are some pics btw:    
As I said in my previous posts, I'm not expecting any refund, replacement, apology or anything. A simple 'Yes Sir, thanks for the feedback, now go away' would suffice. If I took two minutes of my time to give them my feedback, at least they can spend 30 seconds of replying to the customer, which is, btw, their core business and, finally, their job.   I bought the shoes on sale, a bit far from where I live so going there would be a waste of time as there's no return...
Well, it's been over a week now I've contacted Mr. Hare about the appalling quality of their shoes I bought recently.I didn't expect much to be honest, but not even taking two minutes to write a reply and thank for feedback is unimaginable.   Says a lot about the company and what to expect from them. I guess I'll stick to the usual brands, Mr. Hare will not get a repeat business.   Hopefully not more people will get stung like me.
Oh no, my Cage shoes are in very good condition, I just wanted another pair for future use. If you can provide me with a name for that repair shop I would be grateful as I'm sure I will need it in future. I guess it's far from me, but better to spend a bit more money on shipping and keep my favorite shoes.   Can they do something about worn leather as well, or is it sole repair only?   I'll be lurking around here if a nice pair of off-white/ivory/cream shoes appear on...
Thanks.   I couldn't have imagined at the time that it would be so difficult to find a pair like this (not only PS), otherwise I would have bought two pairs immediately.
Yup, I have several active (worldwide) searches describing Cage shoes, so if anything even remotely appears, I receive an email. But that's about it, on all local sites and online shops I know search must be done manually, so I do it when I have the time. Same goes for forums.
Received reply from PS today, no luck. I guess I'll continue lurking... 
We'll see, I received delivery confirmation for my inquiry, so hopefully I'll hear from them this week. It would be great if they still have them somewhere, thanks for the suggestion! 
I'll try contacting them, not very optimistic, but let's see. In the meantime, maybe a pair appears from some dead stock somewhere...
From a retailer, on sale, a bit far from my place, so I didn't even try to complain as it would be a huge waste of time. I was thinking on contacting Mr. Hare directly, but never got around doing it, don't see the point apart from letting them know about poor quality, which I'm sure they are already aware of.
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