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IMO, the waterproofness is not the major issue, I think the thinning of the material in some areas like elbows etc. is a more serious problem.
You have white parka and red field jacket in 52 on Yoox right now. Pricing is ok, I'm just not sure if it comes with or without inner jacket (I would say without).
Padded inner available on Yoox...
As a big fan of Ten C and other Harvey's/Pungetti's work, I must admit that this water proof thing is disappointing. I am very well aware that virtually all fine water proof materials lose some of their characteristics over the time, but this is too soon. My Ventile jackets are still almost 100% water proof, and I know that waxed jackets lose their ability faster than Ventile, but on the other hand they could be re-waxed.   Having said that, I am sure that the Ten C...
  Does this mean that the material thins up with wear? I get it regarding the water proof issue, but I am curious to find out if thinning out of the material could eventually cause lacerations in the end, especially elbows etc? Material does look strong, and one of the major selling points is 'jacket for life' policy... 
Yes, forgot about that one - Kentaurus in Koln, right? I was referring to the black trench since you mentioned wearing it to work, sorry.
AFAIK, there is now a raincoat which is single brasted, longer version, and short trench, which is double breasted and, well, short. I do not have the info if the 'original' trench (double breasted, long) is still in production.   Anyway, good luck with that, I've been looking for one for over a year now, that is probably the hardest Ten C piece to find. Found it once year and a half ago and missed out on buying it    I'll drop an email to the manufacturer, but...
Any more pics from the new collection, except the ones on Havenshop site?
Good news, thanks for the info.
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