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Lol, no wonder why the US are the only remaining superpower  
I wouldn't know, never been to a match in my life. And I think it's called football, btw.   Nothing wrong with Nike if you are into sports apparel.
'Why' as to 'why it's declining brand' or 'why' as to 'why did they do it'?   First option is a bit self explanatory to anyone who knows a bit of Stone Island's history. Second option - joining the mainstream I guess, going 'big', maximizing the profits etc. All that is understandable, but is it worth losing the existing customer base for maybe a couple of season's larger profits?   No point is buying Stone Island if it's joining the likes of Nike, Adidas, Puma,...
I'm more offended by this --> http://www.highsnobiety.com/2015/12/09/nikelab-stone-island/   Talk about declining brand...
These look like PS' try on 'simple' Stain Smiths - it has become a trend really, a lot of companies are doing something similar, usually not successfully IMHO. At this price you can find Common Projects, but what I would really suggest is a pair of Kent Wang's. I recently bought a pair (in white) and, with Rod Laver Clean Vulc, these are my favorite sneakers so far (at a fraction of the cost). Plus, unlike other manufacturers, Mr. Kent Wang is a pleasure to deal with, will...
These are definitely Cage shoes. They have been discontinued since 2009/2010 and haven't been in production since as far as I know. I have a pair in off white and these are by far the best Paul Smith shoes I have. 
I was very happy with my navy blue Ernests, so I got myself another pair.           
Thanks.   Woodhouse also has AW season items on their site.
I finally found a pair of PS Ernest shoes in navy, they arrived yesterday. Now I have a dilemma - should I reinforce the leather sole with one layer of rubber or should I just use them as is and put rubber layer once the sole has been thinned a bit? I did not do this on any other pair of shoes I have, but maybe I should...?   Thanks for info, here are some pics btw:    
As I said in my previous posts, I'm not expecting any refund, replacement, apology or anything. A simple 'Yes Sir, thanks for the feedback, now go away' would suffice. If I took two minutes of my time to give them my feedback, at least they can spend 30 seconds of replying to the customer, which is, btw, their core business and, finally, their job.   I bought the shoes on sale, a bit far from where I live so going there would be a waste of time as there's no return...
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