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If I want to wear a navy sport coat with a pair of (on the light side) grey pants, what else should I wear? Shirt tie shoe belt colors/patterns.
Hey guys. I have a wedding to go to next weekend. I'd like to wear this tie with these pants. I need a jacket and shirt. Suggestions? I'd like to pick up a shirt with a pattern, I don't have many. 
Ok thank you. They are basically charcoal. I assumed navy pants with dark brown shoes. Would this also work?
How dark would you go on the pants? I don't have a pair of medium gray pants. Just light and dark gray. 
Can you guys suggest to me a pants/shoes combination to go with this? I'm guessing navy pants, but and example would be nice.   Thanks in advance Eric  
Take this with a grain of salt on account of my lack of experience, but I find the half windsor to be most versatile. Size wise, and also because of its symmetry. How wide the opening of the collar on your shirt and tie material seem to be the biggest deciding factors on knot selection.   I meant to respond to the original post... so new.
I'm wondering how I could wear this tie. I don't have a suit. I'm pretty new to all of of this, but also wouldn't wear one to work. I work at a hotel and am running around doing odd things for guests, so just a shirt and tie is preferred. I'm looking for a suggestion on shoes, slacks, and shirt, as I'm pretty sure nothing I have will match this tie.   Side note: I'm 24, and like to think I dress on the trendier side, so please no grandpa outfits. Haha even though...
Well there it is gentlemen. I'm curious what I can wear this tie with. At work I wear a shirt, tie, and slacks. No coat or jacket. I prefer to not wear a plain white shirt, just my own taste. So I was wondering if you all would be able to show me some examples of shirts, pants, and shoes that would compliment this tie the best. Just a note, I work at a hotel and am constantly dealing with guests. Also I'm 24 and would like to dress accordingly.    P.s. I joined...
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