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Thanks for being constructive. I've been looking at the tie bar. I think I'm going to go with a bow tie so theirs even less color to deal with.
And that is what says the most about your awful personality. Feel free to not comment on the subject anymore. You're sort of an asshole.
Not sure if you guys read anything I said... I'm standing up in a wedding. A very laid back wedding. AND NOT MY WEDDING. I'm being told what to wear here. I'm not trying to dress like Cary Grant, I'd be dressed nicer than the groom. I was told to wear grey pants, black and white patterned shirt with yellow or orange accents. I found some now ties that I like so I think less tie is better here.
P.s. I'm open to any combinations of tie/suspender/pocket square suggestions. If you guys could show me examples of styles or patterns I can find things similar, I have to keep the cost down unfortunately.   Also I won't be wearing a jacket. 
So I need to wear a yellow or orange tie with this shirt for a wedding.... can anyone give me a hand on what kind of tie I'm looking for. I'm standing up in the wedding and wanted all the groomsmen to wear grey pants, a monochromatic patterned shirt and then necktie/bowtie/suspenders/pocket squares that are orange or yellow.
So I am standing up in a wedding this october. I'm not the best man. The groom wants us all in grey pants, monochrome plaid shirts, and any tie that matches. I'm having a hard time matching a tie (neck tie or bow tie) to a monochrome plaid shirt. Can I get some suggestions? My grey pants are on the lighter side and Id like to not have to buy new ones..   HELP!?
If I want to wear a navy sport coat with a pair of (on the light side) grey pants, what else should I wear? Shirt tie shoe belt colors/patterns.
Hey guys. I have a wedding to go to next weekend. I'd like to wear this tie with these pants. I need a jacket and shirt. Suggestions? I'd like to pick up a shirt with a pattern, I don't have many. 
Ok thank you. They are basically charcoal. I assumed navy pants with dark brown shoes. Would this also work?
How dark would you go on the pants? I don't have a pair of medium gray pants. Just light and dark gray. 
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