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 After feedback as harsh as that, I'm not surprised you lost faith in it! Good lord... :-) Nick
Richard and the Shoehealer guys recently re-soled a pair of custom grade Church brogues for me. Fully documented on my blog here:   http://welldresseddad.com/2014/01/09/how-to-improve-upon-brogue-perfection/   Changed the original leather sole to a sturdier Dainite sole. Perfect result!   Nick
 I've collected a few of these on my Cameramanesque page: http://welldresseddad.com/2013/03/02/inspired-by-an-icon-cameramanesque/ Nick
 14Oz in Mitte, Berlin. Quite a good shop for Cabourn and other cool stuff. As is the shop on Kudamm (that had the almsot mythical, grail Bombay pants in 4 variants of Harris Tweed, in several sizes!)
 I'm sure that grade and quality of cashmere is really expensive, but there are enough cheap items made of cashmere as well... That duffle though... Wow.
 Having actually felt one of the duffels at 14oz, I would say they are seriously desireable. Worth the money? No way, at that price not possible. Not when they cost as much as a decent used car, even at a hefty discount. But super-desireable, yes, totally. I think I could live in one.
 I take a 50 jacket and 52 vest, so the same may well be true for you! Cabourn sizing can be quite random.
Thanks Eric. The two 14oz shops definitely are the place to go seek Cabourn. We dropped by Manufactum, which is an experience in itself, and I did see a pile of Cabourn trousers. Nothing too interesting though. They used to have their own tailored versions of some Cabourn pices, but the shop (near Bahnhof Zoo) we were in didn't have any of these in stock. Not really the place you'd go looking for this type of kit though, the fact that they had the trousers seemed more out...
 The 14oz store in Mitte has the green duffle. Not sure about the size, but I spent a few minutes just savouring the feel of the fabric when I visited there at Xmas. Incredibly nice. Worth 2k? A duffle worth a decent secondhand car? Hardly. They also had quite a lot of other Cabourn stuff, including an absolutely superb Harris Tweed Cape Cameraman. The 14oz on Kudamm has the holy grail of trousers in stock though, at only 299 euros a pop. The Bombay Pants in 4 different...
What are winters like in Tokyo? The Cameraman is mainly quite wind proof. There are versions with a wool lining, which helps, but it'll never be a winter jacket for places where there is a real winter. Plus, the lack of a zip will allow wind to blow in and heat to head out. Wearing a sweater will of course help a bit, but a true winter jacket? Not at all.
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