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 The shop looks pretty ready, though I'm not sure of the status:  
 SEH Kelly always have some Ventile variants.
 Is that the surface jacket? I think you need the sub-surface jacket for underwater work ;-)
Thanks for spoiling AW15, mate ;-)
 This is something I've been wondering about for a while... Maybe the problem with Cabourns random sizing isn't that he can't properly size garments at all, but that he has his own idea of how his garments should be warn, and this deviates quite dramatically in many cases from how we feel clothing should fit? This very much came to light when there was talk of the AW13 duffles, where the general agreement was that the fit was quite monstrously huge. Yet rare reported...
This just in:   NIGEL CABOURN CHOOSES HENRIETTA STREET FOR UK FLAGSHIP STORE   Iconic British menswear brand Nigel Cabourn will open its first standalone UK and European flagship store in London this September. Taking residence in 28 Henrietta Street, Nigel Cabourn’s new concept store will be set across 925 square feet of ground and basement floorspace. The launch of the store will be the first in a wave of new openings on Henrietta Street, marking the start of the...
 After feedback as harsh as that, I'm not surprised you lost faith in it! Good lord... :-) Nick
Richard and the Shoehealer guys recently re-soled a pair of custom grade Church brogues for me. Fully documented on my blog here:   http://welldresseddad.com/2014/01/09/how-to-improve-upon-brogue-perfection/   Changed the original leather sole to a sturdier Dainite sole. Perfect result!   Nick
 I've collected a few of these on my Cameramanesque page: http://welldresseddad.com/2013/03/02/inspired-by-an-icon-cameramanesque/ Nick
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