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 The 14oz store in Mitte has the green duffle. Not sure about the size, but I spent a few minutes just savouring the feel of the fabric when I visited there at Xmas. Incredibly nice. Worth 2k? A duffle worth a decent secondhand car? Hardly. They also had quite a lot of other Cabourn stuff, including an absolutely superb Harris Tweed Cape Cameraman. The 14oz on Kudamm has the holy grail of trousers in stock though, at only 299 euros a pop. The Bombay Pants in 4 different...
What are winters like in Tokyo? The Cameraman is mainly quite wind proof. There are versions with a wool lining, which helps, but it'll never be a winter jacket for places where there is a real winter. Plus, the lack of a zip will allow wind to blow in and heat to head out. Wearing a sweater will of course help a bit, but a true winter jacket? Not at all.
Sorry, Eric, that one just looks plain strange to me. You seriously like it? :-)
Decent deals to be had on the down jackets, but my oh my has that sale been slow... Must be the slowest moving stock yet in a Marrkt sale?
 To my eyes it's too long. Combined with the generous turn-ups on your jeans it just goes to visually shorten your legs. I'd tuck the shirt in, and probably go a little easier on the turn-ups. Then again, I do have short legs and am quite aware of this...
 Bombay does seem a silly name, at least for the wool version. Guess it's the same inspiration for the style as the Bombay Bloomer shorts.
 Those look to me like the Bombay pants, in Harris Tweed. Really quite insanely silly trousers, but at the same time too cool... I have them in navy blue. Hard to know when to wear them though!
Not a bad first effort. Not really any new info as such on the Mallory, but nice to see it all in one place and decently presented.
I wear Mallorys down to about -15C with a thin lambswool sweater underneath, while cycling. They're pretty warm!   Nick
There's a world of difference between me as a private person posting that I have a jacket for sale and asking to be contacted by PM for details, and commercial vendors (StayClean and Indepencence) posting what amounts to pure advertising, i.e. stock lists with pricing, sizes and numbers available, and photos directly to the forum. If it was just photos, I wouldn't be so down on it, but in combination with the rest, I find it very annoying.   If I am alone in holding this...
New Posts  All Forums: