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 You're right, the pockets really don't seem to line up. The worst problem I think is the contrast between the two colours used on the front and the areas where they are used. It just gives the front a really strange lack of balance. While I've previously liked the Crazy quirkiness, this time I think it's just poorly done.  Giggled when I read this, so I went for a look, and the description is spot on. Not so much the patterns, but the colours used. Of course, it may look...
 I'll go one further and say that ALL the women's stuff at USHOWU looks absolutely fantastic. Almost as if the designs have been injected with some new vitality. I also see they have the crazy Mallory in blue, which I hadn't noticed yet. Then again, I've really not been paying attention.
 Well, so much for being a clever investigator... I see on http://cabournlondonstore.com/ now that the address will be 28 Henrietta Street, and über-sleuth me was looking at 16, 6 doors along. The point that there was no sign of it to be seen still stands though! Which is a little strange considering the website lists opening hours and all. Or maybe I was just totally blind to it?
Spent a few days in London last week and took the time to go for a look in Henrietta Street on Saturday. I.e. where the Cabourn shop is apparently going to appear shortly. Disappointingly there was no sign at all of it, and no sign of where it might appear. There were two or three locations advertised to let, one of which looked to me very like where the Fred Perry collaboration was introduced a couple of months back. It's a pretty short street, so the number of...
 Um, like look one post up from yours? ;-)
 Which would be this one: http://welldresseddad.com/2013/03/01/icons-nigel-cabourn-cameraman-jacket/ Also regarding the Mallory jacket here: http://welldresseddad.com/2013/03/09/icons-nigel-cabourn-the-mallory-jacket/ Plus a bunch of reviews if you search for Cabourn etc.
 A different vibe indeed! Based on that photo, I'd never have bought them. The thigh-pocket really makes them look very odd indeed. Cabourn's promo photography is totally spot on these days though. Very evocative, although it can be hard to see what the clothes look like.
 There could be subtle changes in fit, though with the boxy profile and the distinctive pockets, I'm not sure how much of a change there can be? They certainly look exactly the same.
I was just looking at the items in Cabourns sale and was quite amused to see that the WW2 pants appear to be the exact same trousers as my Bombay pants. Different materials of course, seeing as how the Bombays are in Harris Tweed, but the style is the same with just the name being new.   In my experience, owning three pairs of Cabourn trousers, it's wise to have the waist measured before buying. Especially if they are high rise. The waist is the only place these trousers...
 Posted on Instagram by someone I take to be his daughter, captioned "Cabourn team outside the cabourn shop in London", 2 days ago.
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