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If your problems is the falling off of frozen nuts, I suggest thermal underwear and wool trousers may be in order! :-) Seriously though, I have a huge problem with the justifications of the Everest that are bandied about. It's the price of a decent used car, fer chrissakes! You could drive yourself and 4 friends around in comfort and warmth and go places for the price of this insanely overpriced and silly jacket. Just to put a little perspective on it. It may be superbly...
 I think the ones from SEH Kelly are the most impressive I have handled and seen. Not cheap by far, but insane quality and thickness.
 It is worth noting that unless you make a prior engagement, End don't keep much, if any, Cabourn in the shop. And their warehouse is now not nearby, so it's not a case of fetching stuff easily. This goes for all their high-end brands. The two small shows they have are really quite disappointing.
In my experience, size up one size for the Mallory waistcoat. I reviewed a couple of Mallory waistcoats and such on my blog, just search for Cabourn on WellDressedDad.com
The word from himself is that the Fairisles are made by Esk Valley Knitwear in Annan, Scotland. Next topic? :-)
 I'm not sure how to interpret this, but I think you're still talking about Cabourns garments for women :-)
It's interesting to observe how the Filson collaboration is working out. Filson must be very happy with the attention it has brought them, both in terms of attention from Cabourn fans and in the way the pieces are selling like hotcakes. Cabourn may or may not take heed of the fact that "Cabourn jackets" are flying off the shelves at full retail, as they are perceived as great value at the lower price point. Regardless of not being made in Britain, nor having any more or...
>>Speaking of the AW14 Crazy Cameraman, it looks as though there is a second colorway. Gentry is carrying Cabourn: >>http://gentrynyc.com/collections/nigel-cabourn/products/nigel-cabourn-cameran-mix-jack I notice they say the upper on their version is Ventile. A mistake? I couldn't find the latest Cameraman anywhere I looked now, but isn't that back to Mackintosh? Those photos on the Gentry site though... Is it just me or does it look very strange to wear two buttons...
 You're right, the pockets really don't seem to line up. The worst problem I think is the contrast between the two colours used on the front and the areas where they are used. It just gives the front a really strange lack of balance. While I've previously liked the Crazy quirkiness, this time I think it's just poorly done.  Giggled when I read this, so I went for a look, and the description is spot on. Not so much the patterns, but the colours used. Of course, it may look...
 I'll go one further and say that ALL the women's stuff at USHOWU looks absolutely fantastic. Almost as if the designs have been injected with some new vitality. I also see they have the crazy Mallory in blue, which I hadn't noticed yet. Then again, I've really not been paying attention.
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