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 End have one at 599 right now... http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/nigel-cabourn/nigel-cabourn-classic-cameraman-jacket-227512.html
The "Utility" line was a line designed for high-street retailers Debenhams over a three-year period a few years ago. While the influence and basic look are the same (the story-label inside the "Utility" jacket sounds just like the backstory for the Everest), that is where the similarity ends. These are not of the same quality as the post-2003 Nigel Cabourn, even if they look superficially the same and have been sold in the same period.
Lots of stuff up on http://www.cabourn.com/men/archive/past-season.html now.
50% off on past season stuff on cabourn.com from tomorrow, or so was just announced on the Instagram.
 Just out of curiosity, what sort of temperature are we talking about?
Strong heritage work there, can definitely see the inspiration from classic Americana.
Wow, good find, Zissou! Never even knew those existed!
Basically a jacket needs to have two properties to be warm: a) A solid pocket of immobile air to provide insulation. b) Enough windproofness to allow the insulation to work, and keep heat inside the jacket. The Everest appears to have plenty of point b, but with the amount of down filling and the generally deflated look of it, I can't see how it will insulate well. Unless you have a big sweater on underneath. So, yes, the Everest is a fine piece of retro styling based...
Have you got the massive sweater and beard to go with it?
 It has to be at least along those lines, as it would be naive to imagine anyone is losing money when things to go half price, or even deeper discount. They're just not making a whacking great profit is all.Sure it costs more to use quality fabrics and produce in the UK, but let's not get all dewy eyed. It's a cynical world and I've previously written about the large factory in the Midlands staffed by Latvians that produce a lot of stuff for Mr C.
New Posts  All Forums: