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 Which would be this one: http://welldresseddad.com/2013/03/01/icons-nigel-cabourn-cameraman-jacket/ Also regarding the Mallory jacket here: http://welldresseddad.com/2013/03/09/icons-nigel-cabourn-the-mallory-jacket/ Plus a bunch of reviews if you search for Cabourn etc.
 A different vibe indeed! Based on that photo, I'd never have bought them. The thigh-pocket really makes them look very odd indeed. Cabourn's promo photography is totally spot on these days though. Very evocative, although it can be hard to see what the clothes look like.
 There could be subtle changes in fit, though with the boxy profile and the distinctive pockets, I'm not sure how much of a change there can be? They certainly look exactly the same.
I was just looking at the items in Cabourns sale and was quite amused to see that the WW2 pants appear to be the exact same trousers as my Bombay pants. Different materials of course, seeing as how the Bombays are in Harris Tweed, but the style is the same with just the name being new.   In my experience, owning three pairs of Cabourn trousers, it's wise to have the waist measured before buying. Especially if they are high rise. The waist is the only place these trousers...
 Posted on Instagram by someone I take to be his daughter, captioned "Cabourn team outside the cabourn shop in London", 2 days ago.
 The shop looks pretty ready, though I'm not sure of the status:  
 SEH Kelly always have some Ventile variants.
 Is that the surface jacket? I think you need the sub-surface jacket for underwater work ;-)
Thanks for spoiling AW15, mate ;-)
 This is something I've been wondering about for a while... Maybe the problem with Cabourns random sizing isn't that he can't properly size garments at all, but that he has his own idea of how his garments should be warn, and this deviates quite dramatically in many cases from how we feel clothing should fit? This very much came to light when there was talk of the AW13 duffles, where the general agreement was that the fit was quite monstrously huge. Yet rare reported...
New Posts  All Forums: