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If anyone has a pair of the brown corduroy Farm pants in sz 34, or knows of a pair for sale, please do let me know...
To my thinking bobble-hats are for kids... A grown man with a pom-pom? Nah.
Visited the Army Gym in London a few times last week. Had a great time there and took a bunch of photos:   http://welldresseddad.com/2015/08/08/shop-visit-the-army-gym-nigel-cabourn-in-london/   Also a few photos, including wear pics of 3 new AW15 jackets, on my Instagram:   https://instagram.com/welldresseddad   I ended up buying an Atkinson jacket in dark brown corduroy. Lovely jacket. The photo shows me in a sz 50, but I bought a 52 which was a little bit...
So, what is actually in it? My impression was that as a literary work it was a pretty slim piece and there are lots of blank pages?
Nigel Cabourn SS16 at LCM:   Photos     
Super rare Yuketen Maine Guide DB Boots in blue fleshout leather. Size US8/UK7/Euro41. Worn 3 times, barely visible marking on the heels. Insane quality, handmade by leather artisans in the USA. A size too small for me, and I’m crying! The original box and dust bag are included. Retailed at 440 pounds, a bargain at165 pounds. A truly stunning pair of boots.   More nice stuff for sale on my For Sale page at WellDressedDad.com
Barbour Gundog tweed jacket. Brand new with tags. Size 50 regular, as in for a 40″ chest. British soft herringbone tweed in a spring/summer weight. Body is unlined, arms are lined. Nice jacket. Retailed at 350 pounds. Asking 125 pounds. A super bargain!. More info and sizing info here.   More nice stuff on my For Sale page at WellDressedDad.com
Hancock Article 6 rain jacket. Navy blue, bonded cotton with white edging, handmade in Scotland. Never used, brand spanking new. Size 42. Retailed at 575 pounds, yours for 199 pounds. P2P about 23.25″. Let my impulse buy be your saviour in the rain! More info about this awesome jacket here.   More nice stuff for sale on my For Sale page at WellDressedDad.com
Thought I'd post up a couple of snaps of the cashmere Wide Lapel Jacket I picked up recently.      Worn with Hansen Garments waistcoat and trousers, Lad wool tie and Church Chetwynd brogues.     Worn with Tender Co jeans, Yuketen Main Guide boots, another Lad tie and a custom shirt. The raincoat on the left is a Hancock (incidentally, the Hancock and the Yuks are for sale).   I won't pretend the Yuks and Cabourn go well together though :-)
As far as I can tell Cro'Jack are selling up. They closed the small shop in London sometime before August (I stopped by looking for them) and the only activity appears to be lowering the prices of remaining stock into the ground. They're decent quality though, and most if not all is made in the UK. Definitely bargains to be had at the prices they're at now. Looks like the best stuff went a while back though.
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