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The guys in the shop said that this seasons Mallory would be re-cut to a slimmer fit.
I was about to comment that the photography and presentation was much improved over old, but then I started taking notice of the skinny model. Hmm.
Hadn't noticed that overshirt yet. Looks nice. I bought one of the new lambswool shirts earlier this summer (in preparation for Autumn, mind you). Put a wear-photo on my Instagram. Wearing a large, usually take a medium.
A new Cabourn review from me: The AW14 Farm Vest
If anyone has a pair of the brown corduroy Farm pants in sz 34, or knows of a pair for sale, please do let me know...
To my thinking bobble-hats are for kids... A grown man with a pom-pom? Nah.
Visited the Army Gym in London a few times last week. Had a great time there and took a bunch of photos:   Also a few photos, including wear pics of 3 new AW15 jackets, on my Instagram:   I ended up buying an Atkinson jacket in dark brown corduroy. Lovely jacket. The photo shows me in a sz 50, but I bought a 52 which was a little bit...
So, what is actually in it? My impression was that as a literary work it was a pretty slim piece and there are lots of blank pages?
Nigel Cabourn SS16 at LCM:   Photos     
Super rare Yuketen Maine Guide DB Boots in blue fleshout leather. Size US8/UK7/Euro41. Worn 3 times, barely visible marking on the heels. Insane quality, handmade by leather artisans in the USA. A size too small for me, and I’m crying! The original box and dust bag are included. Retailed at 440 pounds, a bargain at165 pounds. A truly stunning pair of boots.   More nice stuff for sale on my For Sale page at
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