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  All the jackets are marked with the size in numbers. I'd go with that rather than trying to follow some semi-random conversion a seller has made to sizes. Ask them for the pit to pit measurement and compare that to you chest size. Given how utterly random Cabourn sizing appears to be, it pays to play it safe.
  Prices look the same to me as they have been for a while now. They wrote on their FB page 30 minutes ago:   -50% & free worldwide shipping! use code : PAAAT2SPMF
Looks good, Slide13! To my mind a little short in the arms, but I guess I just prefer mine a little longer. Which size did you end up with, and what is your chest size?
I'm keen, Neil! Nick
  Army stripes, navy and crazy here...
 In my experience (I'm wearing a blue herringbone one right at this moment), you want to size one up. Even in 52 I can't comfortably wear mine buttoned up, whereas in a Mallory jacket I can wear both 50 and 52 buttoned up without feeling discomfort.   USHOWU has a navy one in size 50 on sale right now... Also green herringbone in 46 and 48. This does highlight the confusion between what is the actual Mallory waistcoat and the SB Lapel one.
  Just tried them back to back and to me it feels like the 52 is slightly loser over the shoulders than 50, and also a little loser over the chest (or tummy, to be truthful). The difference is marginal though, so for me either size works.
  Hot damn! Well spotted :-)
  Not often I see a request for a fit-pic of a scarf, but here goes :-) In addition the trousers are the SEH Kelly Dark-green Tweed trousers, so a two-for-one here. Sorry the light isn't terrific.  
  Agree on this. I can't imagine wearing a tweed Mallory indoors. The SS variants in jersey or linnen maybe, but are they "real" Mallory jackets?   My girlfriend heartily approves of my freshly unwrapped Crazy Mallory. Thinks it looks very stylish. Score!   And here is a quick snap from field testing today. Not the best of light, and a flurry of snow, but an indication of what it looks like. Note: This is size 52. The army stripes I've previously posted a photo of is size...
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