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  To be honest, I'm not totally sure. They're certainly odd. And cool. And a bit of strange as well. They're sort of like my EG Oslo pants, in the wooliness and loose fit. But even more so. I feel pretty self-conscious whilst wearing them. And a bit stylin' as well :-)   I think what I'm trying to say is: They take a little getting used to.   Plus they attract dog-hair like crazy, and my Corgi sheds like crazy. A match made in hell if there ever was one.
  My thinking is that if you're not going to wear them as they were made, why buy them? Of course, I do wonder about the sense in this point of view when I'm wandering around in my tweed Bombay pants. I do not feel as dapper as the model at Superdenim looks! :-) (http://www.superdenim.co.uk/feature-detail.asp?featureid=24)  
Wow, I started chuckling at the photo of Nigel and the trousers (then I noticed he was just holding them up in front of him and managed to rein it in a little), then my eyes fell upon the German pilot! Massive chortle! We're not talking the macho men of the Luftwaffe here, more like a failed audition for the Willage Pfeople! (work with me on that one...)   Drew looks pretty cool though.
  Nice array of layers! Can't help but think a thin wool sweater would have been good as the inner layer though.
  Heh, I thought you Belgians liked a splendid Poirot-style moustache? :-)
  All parts of the three-part series are now up. A little editing here and there has been done since initial version. Phew!   Nick
I wasn't really too sure where to post this, but thought this might sort of work out...   Part 3 of my longwinded "What I did on my holidays", or "A long weekend of walking in London"   Part 1 contained mostly musings about Cabourn (http://www.styleforum.net/t/209255/nigel-cabourn/2730#post_6148411)   Part 2 was about my visit to SEH Kelly (http://www.styleforum.net/t/277070/s-e-h-kelly/90#post_6149752)   This one will be about the rest. I'll start by...
Ok, part 2 of "What I did in my holidays" follows:   (Part 1 can be found http://www.styleforum.net/t/209255/nigel-cabourn/2730#post_6148411)   So, after poking around Trunk, Present and sundry other places, I was ready to visit the SEH Kelly workshop on saturday morning. They're normally only open at weekends, hence why I'd not yet been to the primary goal of my trip. I'd never been to the Shoreditch area before (or so I thought, turned out I'd actually been...
Ok, so I'm back from my long weekend in London, and a few folks have asked me to report back on my findings. So here goes!   First off, I'd bought a few items in the Marrkt and Superdenim sales before going over, so they were waiting for me at my friends house. I naturally had high expectations, as this was more Cabourn stuff and even though I got good deals on most of the items, they were intially spendy pieces, like all Cabourn. So, what do I think of the...
Good info! Many thanks.
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