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I received my shop waistcoat and F&B trousers from the recent ARN sample sale. Very nice and properly made garments. I can definitely see more ARN in my future!   File together with SEH Kelly as a place to get really well made, well designed and ethically produced clothing (with a really British angle).   Nick
I'm thinking one of the coolest photos is of Nigel wearing his own Mallory waistcoat and Bombay pants... :-)   So why do they have two homeless guys modelling the Everest parka?
AW13 preview courtesy of Proper Magazine:   http://www.propermag.com/site/lanificio-cerruti-nigel-cabourn-aw13-2013-01  
Does anyone find themself with Cabourn trousers that are too large? After being a bit keen in the sales, I have 2 pairs of Cabourn (4 pleat in khaki and naval pants in... navy), plus a wonderful pair of ARN new beat chinos in herringbone. All size 34, all too small for my normally 34 body. Unable to return, but it would be cool if someone had overestimated their girth and might like to trade.   I'm really really hoping Superdenim are right about the Bombay pants...
Tweeted Drew at Nigel Cabourns and got two photos back immediately! Looks like we get two variants of the Crazy Mallory for AW13, navy and camo:       My initial comments still stand...
  This years (which I also have) has a very much more organic range of colours. The tweeds are all different, yet all fit together in a very nice way. The new one strikes me as a very much less compatible selection, from the rather basic navy main colour (which is really solid blue) to the light green herringbone. Maybe it will grow on me, but right now I'm not seeing it work as well as the AW12 version.
Looks like there will be a new Crazy Mallory for AW13. Oddly, this one doesn't work for me at all. Whereas the original has a nice organic mix of tweeds, the new one just looks like a lot of scraps being used up. What do you reckon?     (From http://www.styleforum.net/t/330732/pitti-uomo-83-streetwear-denim-edition-daily-roundup/15 )
  Looks pretty cool. I'd guess the material will loosen up a little with wear as well? Looks a little stiff right now. Will look marvelous once it wears in a bit.
  The Mallory not intended for outdoors? I'd say exactly the opposite is true.
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