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Maybe some of you missed this (I did), but there is some nice info hiding in there:   http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/10timb/im_the_founder_of_british_menswear_brand_seh/
"Norwegian canvas". Never heard of it before, and oddly, googling it only appears to get hits if combined with "Cabourn" :-)   Wonder what miracle material this is?
He does certainly seem respectful and gives Nigel credit for teaching him all he knows...   Just comes out a little wrong on his website, in my opinion.
There is info to be found if you Google a little...   http://www.selectism.com/2012/07/11/selectims-qa-ketisn-common-people/   Maybe titles just mean different things to different people? To me "head designer" is a step up from "right hand man".
Damn. I thought I was over the NC lust for a while, but now I desire an Oxford shirt. Thanks a lot, Jagger_On.   Looks like Corniche is pretty pricey on them though. 224 pounds? Flannels is 160. Anyone know of better prices?
  Come one, guys, don't be shy... Zero response so far. Help build up a knowledgebase of Cabourn sizing today!
Need some help here from those of you that have Mallory or Cameraman jackets (to start with, we may expand the project later on):   Could you measure the pit to pit and underarm measurements, along with the marked size of the jacket and season (if known) and PM me?   The reason for asking is a discussion I'm having with ^^ (Mr B) about sizing and Cabourns apparently random approach to it. We've measured 5 of our own Mallorys so far and the results are...
  It sure does. I can't wait for H&M to do their version so I can buy one for my girlfriend (just kidding...)
Shirt by T-Michael, premier fashion designer from Bergen, Norway. Half of the design duo behind the Norwegian Rain raincoats.   http://www.t-michael.com/   This shirt is 100% cotton, in a shimmering green/red flavour. Hidden buttons down the front, Double buttons at the top and on cuffs. Used a couple of times, still in perfect condition. Retails at around 300 USD. Incredibly hard to find.   Ask me about detailed sizing and shipping charges from...
New Posts  All Forums: