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Not a bad looking Cameraman. I definitely think the ones with more contrast work best. My navy/navy is very stealthy and I've often regretted not getting one with a more pronounced tweed.   For the record, I was a very good boy and only peeked briefly at the latest Marrkt, and that only long after all the good stuff had been ripped from the racks. On the same note, I've added more stuff to my for-sale ads, including 2 pairs of brand new selvedge work jeans in a...
ARN Mercantile F&B jeans. Size 36, but waist is a little smaller than usual 36.. Lovely thick denim and great attention to details. Made in the UK. Worn carefully 3 times. A bit on the large side for me. Expensive and hard to find usually. Asking 65 pounds.   ARN make great trousers, witnessed by how they were Nigel Cabourns trousers guys!   Usual SF payment and shipping terms.
Haversack Japan Made Pull Over Collared Work Shirt Size L/Large, Asking 190 175 150 140 120 USD plus shipping.   Up for sale is one hell of a piece for Japanese denim heads out there: one (1) pull over style button down shirt from the high end Japanese clothier Haversack. This shirt is brand new with tags & retails for over $500.   P2P measurement 24.4" (62cm).   Worn a couple of times, never washed. Immaculate condition. Too large for me now.     White...
Added my very nice brown Mallory waistcoat to my for-sale listings:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/339928/nigel-cabourn-mallory-waistcoat-rare-aw10-brown-harris-tweed-sz-52
Rare and sought after Brown Harris Tweed Mallory waistcoat by Nigel Caburn. 100th Anniversary of the Harris Tweed "Orb" symbol. In perfect condtion, only worn a few times.   Size 52, but Cabourn waistcoats are typically small, so it will fit a size 50 perfectly.   Also the same waistcoat in blue herringbone Harris Tweed. Same price.   Lovely, immaculate waistcoast, but having lost weight I need to replace some of my wardrobe.   Airmail shipping within...
Blog post abut the Mallory jacket, history and design influences up now. Thanks to Eric and taiAtari for input!   http://welldresseddad.com/2013/03/09/icons-nigel-cabourn-the-mallory-jacket/
  Actually better than I feared :-) Have you perfected the rather mincing walk of the proper Luftwaffe pilot as well? ;-)
Good stuff, taiAtari!
I'll be doing a second Cabourn blogpost shortly, this time about the Mallory and Tenzing jackets. Lots of good historical info to go with them, such as the story of Mallorys ill-fated Everest attempt in 1924, and the video of them finding his body near the peak in 1999 (still wearing all his tweed etc). Tenzing of course was Sir Edmund Hillarys sherpa when they successfully reached the peak in 1953.   So why is there no Hillary-jacket? Or does that just not sound...
In case anyone might be interested, I did a blog-post about the Cameraman:   http://welldresseddad.com/2013/03/01/icons-nigel-cabourn-cameraman-jacket/
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