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  I took one of the unloved green Fairisles in 48, on the off-chance it might fit. Only another 7 of them left, folks...
  My experience with the Macintosh fabric used for the Cameraman is that even with the vents in the armpits, you don't want to work up a sweat in this jacket. It holdes wet in a lot better than it does out!
  I was looking at it, and the yellow shirts. Thankfully I managed to resist both. I couldn't see myself ever actually using either of them. It's good the sales are almost done now...
  That sounds good! I have a size 50 waiting for me to pick it up in London next week. I took a chance on knitwear being a bit more lenient sizewise. Normally I seem to be a bit between sizes. Chest measures 41.5". Cameraman (navy) size 50 is a touch tight, (raw yellow) size 52 is much larger. Mallorys it's harder to judge, as without checking the measurements of the actual jacket to verify the marked size, it's impossible to know what you're dealing with. Either 1 or 2...
  In my experience, yes, as small as all the Cabourn waistcoats. If you want to button them up, comfortably, you need to size up at least one, if not two sizes from the coat size. I fit nicely in a Mallory size 50, but a Mallory waistcoat size 52 is tight. The linen waistcoats are about the same (and here I made the mistake of ordering both in size 50..). Mostly though I wear my waistcoats open, so size is more flexible.   Of course, the insane variation of Cabourn sizing...
  I can see that in my future (once it comes up on Marrkt at a massive discount, natch). I have this one from the previous season (which to my eyes is even cooler!):   http://www.flannelsfashion.com/products/details/i/21760-b9mlt/n/check-stripe-mix-linen-waistcoat.aspx
Maybe some of you missed this (I did), but there is some nice info hiding in there:   http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/10timb/im_the_founder_of_british_menswear_brand_seh/
"Norwegian canvas". Never heard of it before, and oddly, googling it only appears to get hits if combined with "Cabourn" :-)   Wonder what miracle material this is?
He does certainly seem respectful and gives Nigel credit for teaching him all he knows...   Just comes out a little wrong on his website, in my opinion.
There is info to be found if you Google a little...   http://www.selectism.com/2012/07/11/selectims-qa-ketisn-common-people/   Maybe titles just mean different things to different people? To me "head designer" is a step up from "right hand man".
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