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  I don't think that looks too bad. If you didn't see the pre-alteration photo, I don't think you'd really consider it didn't look right. It's cutting it close though.   As mentioned though, your only other option is to shorten from the other end.
  Looks fine to me. I'd button the bottom button on this one though! With it being so high up, it just looks strange to leave it undone.
  I'm still pretty miffed I didn't grab one of the madras check bow ties when they were available...   That said, I don't reckon the braces are of very good quality either for the price. Even after moderate wear they are showing pilling and uneven stretching.
  Wow... Singular caps in one size only, at only 256 pounds a piece. Yep, that's Cabourn! :-)
Cabourn is one of several brands excluded from the Coggles 30% discount.
Very sorry to hear about this! I have 4 of the epics and was trying to order another couple of them now. For me, ordering to Norway, they were still great whilst paying 20 dollars a pair shipping.   Where can I find them now?
  Looking very handsome there, ManofKent!
  I never had them get back to me. Much better to go the Superdenim route, they are much more reliable that way. The chat has always been picked up quickly for me.
Going by their last 2-3 sales, they'll drop prices a couple of times before calling it a day. Just a case of keeping an eye on the sale and hoping...
I'm sure Cabourn will get their commerce site in order if they get some feedback about what isn't ok.   Sure would like one of the crazy cricket waistcoats! With everyone falling over themselves to get one now though, I'm guessing they won't last till the sales.   More Cabourn stuff for sale from me as well. Some nice stuff.
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