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I see USHOWU are opening a proper shop in Maastricht, Netherlands now. This is an interesting development, as they have consistently been one of the largest stockists of Cabourn (along with Corniche in Edinburgh, I'd think). Also have to give USHOWU a lot of credit for doing some incredible promo shots for their stuff. While I'm no fan of camo, this image for the AW13 Crazy Cameraman is incredible!  
The tweed Mallory is made by a company called Panache in London, as far as I know. The Cameraman has been made by Mackintosh in Scotland, at least as long as they were made using Mackintosh fabric. Not sure if the change to Ventile has changed anything.   Mos of the Cabourn stuff is produced in a single factory in the Midlands, staffed by young Eastern European workers.  
  I think this is probably very true, and while you only mention workwear we should include hikerdelia (like the aircraft jacket, which to me is a regular anorak more than anything else), retro trainers and "cool" t-shirts.   Heck, for my own part I really like wearing my Cabourn Naval and Bombay pants, and think their baggy style is incredibly stylish, yet my girlfriend thinks they look awful and prefers me in slim-fitting trousers.
  It sure is. The combination of the yellow Mackintosh upper and the cream Irish linen bottom is sublime. Oddly, no one has contacted me yet about the one going spare (and it's priced to sell).
Anyone looking for a raw yellow SS12 Cameraman in 52? Brand new and unused example available. PM me.  
I came across an interesting sight in Oslo recently, at Høyer Eger in the city centre. A small collection of Nigel Cabourn, consisting of 4 Ventile Cameraman jackets, a jersey Mallory, and one last that I couldn't identify. They must be testing the waters, as Nigel Cabourn is entirely unknown in Norway. I believe they also had a couple of jackets from the Everest collection a year or two back.   It was interesting for me to have the opportunity to feel the Ventile...
  I don't think that looks too bad. If you didn't see the pre-alteration photo, I don't think you'd really consider it didn't look right. It's cutting it close though.   As mentioned though, your only other option is to shorten from the other end.
  Looks fine to me. I'd button the bottom button on this one though! With it being so high up, it just looks strange to leave it undone.
  I'm still pretty miffed I didn't grab one of the madras check bow ties when they were available...   That said, I don't reckon the braces are of very good quality either for the price. Even after moderate wear they are showing pilling and uneven stretching.
  Wow... Singular caps in one size only, at only 256 pounds a piece. Yep, that's Cabourn! :-)
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