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 I wouldn't worry about missing the "Accent of Cabourn", it's regular geordie, pet :-)  I'd like to see that silly rucksack jacket used with something actually IN the rucksack. I can't imagine that construction will hold up to actual backpack use.
Going  by the look of the jacket, I'd suspect it's by Panache Outerwear in Bow, London. They do the Mallorys, cashmere jackets, Atkinson etc for Cabourn, i.e. stuff quite similar to the Paul Smith jacket.
That is a quite brilliant link, considering the launch Lybro (and the maybe maybe Army Gym) brand :-)   "Speaking at the launch of a new range from British heritage designer Nigel Cabourn, the former Blue Peter presenter said: “We’ve got skills, we’ve got designers and we’ve got good quality. The fact we are making and designing something here in Britain — why shouldn’t we be proud of it?”   I wonder if she was aware of the situation?
I find it quite strange to see that items marked on the website as Lybro appear to have not only England on the label, but actually have the same labels as the regular Autentic line. Take this jacket as an example (and not the only one either):   Wasn't the thing about Authentic that it was made in Britain? Will all become clear?   I guess Lybro is only the start, as the real "cheap diffusion line" is...
 Let's not have all that many illusions about who has sold out. I think Nigel lost his major stake in his company after a couple of bankrupcies many years back. The guys in Japan that own the "Nigel Cabourn Mainline" and the six shops own a big part of the company now. As far as I can tell from a cursory search, Nigel owns 40% and a mysterious Abahouse owns the rest. So I have little doubt that all the price hiking, new brands, collaborations, women's line (which I...
They make the Lybro stuff wherever it's cheap and reasonable to make it, which is why we see this saving reflected in the down to earth pricing of the new gear. A lot of it is made in Hong Kong, in a factory that has been collecting special and vintage sewing machines for many years. Which should mean something, or at leas they hope it does. Personally I'm thinking the whole Lybro idea is just the backers behind the brand wanting more gear to sell. The backers of course...
My understanding was that the Mallory would be slimmer in the body, no mention of the length of it changing.   The move away from using Drew as the sample model can only be a good thing, as he is a skinny beanpole indeed (and jockeys as well, which gives you an idea), so maybe sizing may become a little more regular now that one of the shop guys is also being used?
Having had a closer look through the new stuff I'm quite pleased to say that I see nothing at all that tickles my fancy. Maybe the farm pants, but that's despite the photos, as they look bloody awful on the guy modelling them.   I was expecting more from the Lybro collection, but it looks like a lot more recycled designs at a price point that is merely overpriced.   Anyone else see differently?
The guys in the shop said that this seasons Mallory would be re-cut to a slimmer fit.
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