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The truly sad thing about the three jackets Blaugrana mentions is that although they may be Tokito or Dept B, none of them are made at the Barbour factory in South Shields. Vietnam, Bulgaria and Indonesia are not exactly tickling my interest.
 To be totally and annoyingly pedantic, the upper was in Mackintosh bonded cotton :-)
That quilted Cameraman is flogging a dead horse one time too many. Or maybe I'm the only person in the world that things quilted stuff just looks really shit....
They were selling one of these books in the Army Gym in London this stummer. I can't recall which it was, but they were about 15 pounds and they appeared to have a few of them.   Perhaps someone would like to scan them so we can see what the fuss is about?
Only, word is that there are no samples in this sale. This is mainly stuff from SS13 and onwards that has been lying around in the warehouse. Never sent out, returned and not restocked.
 I wouldn't worry about missing the "Accent of Cabourn", it's regular geordie, pet :-)  I'd like to see that silly rucksack jacket used with something actually IN the rucksack. I can't imagine that construction will hold up to actual backpack use.
Going  by the look of the jacket, I'd suspect it's by Panache Outerwear in Bow, London. They do the Mallorys, cashmere jackets, Atkinson etc for Cabourn, i.e. stuff quite similar to the Paul Smith jacket.
That is a quite brilliant link, considering the launch Lybro (and the maybe maybe Army Gym) brand :-)   "Speaking at the launch of a new range from British heritage designer Nigel Cabourn, the former Blue Peter presenter said: “We’ve got skills, we’ve got designers and we’ve got good quality. The fact we are making and designing something here in Britain — why shouldn’t we be proud of it?”   I wonder if she was aware of the situation?
I find it quite strange to see that items marked on the website as Lybro appear to have not only England on the label, but actually have the same labels as the regular Autentic line. Take this jacket as an example (and not the only one either):   http://www.cabourn.com/men/new-arrivals/work-shirt-army   Wasn't the thing about Authentic that it was made in Britain? Will all become clear?   I guess Lybro is only the start, as the real "cheap diffusion line" is...
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