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As far as I can tell Cro'Jack are selling up. They closed the small shop in London sometime before August (I stopped by looking for them) and the only activity appears to be lowering the prices of remaining stock into the ground. They're decent quality though, and most if not all is made in the UK. Definitely bargains to be had at the prices they're at now. Looks like the best stuff went a while back though.
 That Cameraman is so hideous I find myself lost for words.
I'd definitely give Otters a call. They seem to know their stuff and are definitely not shy of taking on a challenge.
Yikes, good catch on that missing button! Amazing that no one noticed that thread hanging off there... Unless it's a "design feature"? :-)
Just to offset at little of the SS15 talk, I posted a review of my Bombay pants on my blog. AW13, or so?   http://welldresseddad.com/2015/02/03/trouser-tuesday-extraordinary-strides-from-nigel-cabourn/
Ah, it apears I can answer my own questions, and I was right... :-)   There is one for sale on eBay and the guy has included the original tags with both the jacket name and the code for it:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-Nigel-Cabourn-England-Wide-Lapel-Jacket-Navy-Cashmere-Size-48-/171664411752?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27f7ff0c68  
Would anyone happen to know which jacket has the code nc-w13-jk-10? It's a green herringbone cashmere jacket, but we're unable to decide which model it is. As in, I think it's the wide lapel jacket, with 3 buttons, silk lining etc, but my opponent thinks it looks somewhat different in the way it hangs and the length. The wide lapel does look very different on the Cabourn and Corniche...
Based on the images they post on their Instagram feed, these guys look to be absolute wonders:   http://instagram.com/otters_oilskins_uk   http://www.otters-reproofingservices.co.uk/   They also seem to be very much cheaper than the other two prices mentioned!
Try Maritime & Antiques in Copenhagen: http://www.maritime-antiques.dk/sale-c-76.html A great shop in it's own right. Also an excellent source of Mister Freedom, though not on sale. http://welldresseddad.com/2014/03/17/while-in-copenhagen-maritime-antiques/
According to the sizing guide at http://www.hansengarments.com/pages/size-guide you'll be a small. I'd be hesistant to compare directly to Cabourn though without taking a tape measure to the trousers marked 32". In my experience almost every trouser made is an inch or two more than marked. We're easily tricked, vain fools that we are.
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