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Speaking of Everest parkas, there are a couple of the Utility ones on eBay right now. The descriptions and prices should be part of the Cabourn 101 course:   At least one of the prices isn't outright fraudulent.
The new Marrkt sale is up now. Heaps of incredible stuff. 
The clasps look terrible. I can't imagine who would wear these. Well, I guess I can, sort of, but it's not me. 
Just noticed this thread here on SF (a little outside my usual topics), but thought I might ask your opinion on a John Elliott shirt I bought this summer. I've written about the experience on my blog:   John Elliott customer service are very reluctant to comment on my experience. Pretty disappointing on all accounts!
 Did you even try Google? :-) Loads of hits. It's only a dense cotton fabric, how flimsy can it be?
The truly sad thing about the three jackets Blaugrana mentions is that although they may be Tokito or Dept B, none of them are made at the Barbour factory in South Shields. Vietnam, Bulgaria and Indonesia are not exactly tickling my interest.
 To be totally and annoyingly pedantic, the upper was in Mackintosh bonded cotton :-)
That quilted Cameraman is flogging a dead horse one time too many. Or maybe I'm the only person in the world that things quilted stuff just looks really shit....
They were selling one of these books in the Army Gym in London this stummer. I can't recall which it was, but they were about 15 pounds and they appeared to have a few of them.   Perhaps someone would like to scan them so we can see what the fuss is about?
Only, word is that there are no samples in this sale. This is mainly stuff from SS13 and onwards that has been lying around in the warehouse. Never sent out, returned and not restocked.
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