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Item is located in Melbourne, Australia. Worn four times max, it has not been washed and is still crisp. BIN: $330 USD (including international shipping). Will consider offers but please do not low ball me as this is a regretful sale. Made in Poland with typical APC quality and detail.    I bought this for $640 USD off the APC site 9 months ago. It has a removable hood and faux fur lining. The faux fur lining has not been worn as Australian weather is not cold enough, so...
Shirt is located in Melbourne Australia. BIN: $75 USD + shipping (free within Australia). Will consider offers.   Retailed from Tres Bien for $200 USD. Worn maximum three times, washed once and not worn since. From FW11. Shirt is too small for me so it's been sitting in my wardrobe for the last year without any wear. Condition is at least 9/10.    Size Medium, but it's got the typical APC slim fit.    Chest: 20.5" Back: 29" Arms: 20" Shoulders: 17.5"
bit of an ask here, but does anyone know if they have any stockists in japan? i've emailed them with no reply
what should I use for really hard hair? as in, even with a decent product, i still can't achieve a side part.
Walked into David Jones today and it seems that they now have Barbour in stock. They have a few popular styles at $500 each. 
Another first poster here.   Because of the stink, terrible stains and general dirt and grime, I've had to wash my 8 month old New Standards. But during the 8 months I've worth them, I'd say that they've only gotten about 4-5 months of real wear. As a result the wash hasn't really produced the fades I've desired as there has only been some really light fades at the whiskers, combs and the knees, nothing noticable.    My question is will I get stronger fades with...
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