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Use old fashioned ink blotting paper on both sides until most is absorbed  then plain talcum powder.
Stay away from double skunks, they're fugly looking. They remind me of the shoes I had to wear when I was 5. get a man's shoe
That's a 38R. If it measures 44 you need 6" for movement
Paul Stuart
Loden   Shearling   You can probably have these made to your specifications and shearling colours.
Amazon is not a store and the shoe you're buying may come from anywhere of the places listed. Perhaps even from the display in the window of Shoes 'R Us baking in the hot sun of Podunk, Arizona.There are no bargains and you get what you pay for.Even when I buy from AE I ask the salesgirl if the shoe was made and is at the factory and is being sent to me directly. I don't want her sending it from one of the stores where it may have been tried on a dozen times or even a...
Yes, you're right.And why doesn't he just return them where he bought them and get a replacement? Most of these problems that you read about on SF never happen in real life. The damage is likely due to dragging the feet and not walking correctly.
Lacoste has sites for every country but only the US one sells online. Looks like Lacoste UK does now too, But the US always has the lowest prices and there are always reductions. The $90 shirt sells for 75 pounds ($120)on UK Lacoste.I was looking for a jacket on the UK and it was 200 pounds ($320) but it's only $250 on the US site and is on sale for $112. Clothes are always cheaper in the US than they are even in countries where they are made for some reason which is why...
In 50 years I've never had that happen to a shoe. It looks like that thin piece of cardboard they put on the soles to hide the stiching came off. Just rip it  off you don't need it and in the future stick to high quality shoes like Cole Haan.
The basic Lacoste in the US is $90 retail now and they go higher.   And btw, a dozen countries call their money the dollar so it means nothing as far as the exchange rate and does not mean that one is worth more or less in relation to the US dollar. The HK dollar is 7:1 to the US. What are they teaching you boys today in economics!   Another thing about Lacoste is that make many different cuts from the regular to the ultra slim so READ the discriptions on the site for the...
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