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Thanks guys. As to fold, I'm probably looking to do a simple flat fold for now, maybe a puff. As to style, I guess I'd say "classy simple", if that makes sense.   I guess I will start with the linen...hopefully find an assortment of a few colors. cotton a good alternative to linen? Or does it look cheaper?
Amazing thread. So amazing I have to apologize for not having read all of it, so maybe I missed this but...   Does anyone have a preference/recommendation for pocket square material? Silk, cotton, linen? I assume no synthetics...   Thanks! Naveen
Thanks all. I felt the gray pants were too similar to the jacket. Ended up going with navy slacks instead, with brown shoes and belt. Oh, and the light blue shirt. Did it work?...I actually think so.   Thanks everyone for their comments. I will be lurking here often.
OK, first the jacket (click for larger on all of these).     Next, the pants I had planned on wearing. Are they not dark enough? Not enough contrast to the SC?   Now the shirt.   And the shoes.   Here's an alternative pant I could wear. A dark olive.     Finally, though I didn't take a picture, I have a tan/khaki colored sport coat as well...but I prefer to wear the darker one since it's an evening party.   Thanks for the help!!
Hello all. My first post!   For the past 10 years I've worked in a place with absolutely no dress code. T-shirts, jeans, shorts, sneakers, sandals, whatever, it all goes. Plus the place is really small, so I've never had any incentive to dress well.   This presents a problem, in that after once having a fairly nice wardrobe, not only do I not have one now and am struggling to rebuild one, but I pretty much did not develop a sense of style that I think is suitable...
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