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 Thanks for the help, I just figured I'd ask on here since I guess the Clifton got discontinued and is no longer on their site so I couldn't find out that way and figured someone on here would know.
Does anyone offhand know what Last the Clifton is? I tried on a pair today and really loved the fit and was wondering which others were made in that shape..
Hmm never seen this thread before so I may chyme in from time to time, Im pretty avid golfer (+2 handicap and play for my University).. Anyone have any picks for the last two rounds of the PGA?
Hmmm I was getting close to finally pulling the trigger on a pair of brown leather Neumoks but I might have to wait and see these Cronmoks in person.. I kinda like them as a casual weekend boot
Hey SF,   Does anyone have any good reccomendations of a Slim fit sweater for a reasonable price (<$100). I'm 6' 4" 180 and pretty lanky so sometimes since I have to get a Large for my size it can end up being a little billowy and was looking for something a little tigher in the sleeves. Thanks.
Thanks, will actually probably end up going for either the Black or Chili Delray for the sake of versatility and being able to wear it in different situations.
Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase my first pair of AE's before I start work in a few weeks and was wondering if you guys had any advice. I was originally looking at a simple pair of Black PA's but my job calls for business casual pretty routinely so I was wondering if these might be a little too "Dressy" for standard business casual. After looking around on their site I really like the look of either the Merlot PA's or the Brown Fifth Avenues and was wondering if anyone...
  Hey wade, I would definitely reccommend checking with some professors in the Accounting Dept at your school on when students typically do internships because in most cases theres almost a path students take. I am a rising senior and our school has a 5-year Undergrad/MAcc Program and the students here tend to internships during the Spring Semester of their senior year, which gives students plenty of time to take the basic Intermediate Accounting and Auditing/Tax...
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