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Congrats! Post some biz-cas fits!
70% off at Barneys.   Also, It was about time. My first cleats since I played in junior high, started playing again for fun last year.
Those Vadel sidezips are perfect. Too bad they only go to 43.
Did some searching, but couldn't find anything recent. Thoughts on silver mmm gats?  
Just finished Leviathan Wakes. Really enjoyed it, was very hard to put down after getting into it. I want to read some more sci-fi, like Dune and Ringworld, though.   Also read Game of Thrones. Pretty good. It's fascinating how despicable Martin makes certain characters. Will probably read the next one(s), but I might just settle for the TV series.
So is a 40 a typical L or a typical M? End lists a 40 as an M. If I'm a true 38" chest, 6"1', ~175 lbs and want it slightly slouchy, do I get a 40 or 42?
Airport bathroom mirror fitpic: Gitman vintage Zara CP ToJ
I have realized that I finally like GATs. When I first saw them, I thought they looked pretty weird, that they look like in-door training shoes due to the sole, and I didn't think the gray suede looked "necessary". But they look really good, and they look so much better worn than in stock pics.
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