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Measurements from Charly at TOJ: shoulders 17.5" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.3" midsection 18.7" waist 19.2" body length, front 21.5" body length, back 23.5" sleeve length, from shoulder 25.3" sleeve width @ pit 7.1" sleeve width @ elbow 6.3" sleeve width @ cuff 5.0"   4-zip lamb MDR with Bemberg lining. In good shape. Unused, has just been sitting in...
Thanks a lot, guys!
I'm going to London for the weekend. What are some good shops to visit? I've never been before. I've already got Uniqlo, Dover Street Market and Liberty Store noted. Food recs are also very welcome!
​  [[SPOILER]]
Got my 6A today. I remember it being talked about, will it stretch? Regretting I didn't size up more, 40 was a bit short, and quite slim in the arms. Knit itself is amazing, though. Incredibly thick.
My 6A in Culdaff is sitting in customs. Seems like I get it just in time for Christmas.
Always thought he looked more like Tommy Wiseau
Sorry for the terrible pics.Uniqlo x 2, MMM   [[SPOILER]]
I think it's really cool. He was really media shy, hardly did any interviews in all of his years as a writer, and then suddenly does an interview with Oprah. Also, I find it interesting what he says about the novel (The Road) just churning in the back of his mind and that he could just sit down and write it when he felt it was finished.
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