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Quote: Johnny, Your are my man. You know we are Chinese. We love working of course we love money too. No Ricky, you are THE man - I'm sure the vast majority of gents on this forum agree. Panzer
Quote: Quote: (fopkid @ July 11 2005,09:51) This is a timely thread for me, because I've seemingly been banned by Ricky before I even started with him.  Last November, I placed my first order, and sat frustrated while I read on these boards about other new Jantzen customers of the same vintage who got their shirts while I did not.  So I sent Ricky a nice e-mail this spring asking what had become of my order.  No reply.  Then in May, I placed...
So true - I'm always very very polite when I speak with Ricky - I'm always afraid I may piss him off. Panzer
Thought I'd also add an update to this thread seeing how I started it. So far I've tried: Musgo Real DR Harris Arlington Trumpers Lime Proraso (Green) Taylor's Avocado Taylor's Mr. Taylor My favorite remains Musgo Real - all the others are very good as well, though don't seem to offer the same 'closeness of shave' as the Musgo. I'm also not a big fan of the Proraso - I've found the shave to be somewhat mediocre. Panzer
Before my wetshaving days, I was a big supporter of Philosophy's Razor Sharp - I have, however, now seen the light. From what I've heard Cremo Cream is the best slap-on/no brush needed shaving cream out there. Panzer
I use Avid's SkinGlider which works great - I also have an order in for Pacific Shaving Oil which garners great reviews on the wetshaving fora. Panzer
I'm a little sick and tired of Gillette's razor scams - they keep on coming out with newer, and not that effective, razor systems and the price of cartridges continues to climb. I'm switching over to a Merkur DE - I'll let you guys know how it goes... Panzer
If you're in NYC give Lucio at Traguardo a call - he makes exceptional suits that are a real bargain at $1,600-$1,700 a pop. His number is 212 679 7215. Panzer
Quote: marc i think i speak for the entire styleforum universe in pleading with you to not post 27 pages of scanned text.. Do it, marc, do it.. I can hardly wait for the new topic on reincarnation... Panzer
Quote: I have been working with kettlebells for a month or so, which are basically single handled metal balls that weigh from 8 kilo to 32 kilo. instead of lifting in a controled manner a certain number of reps, you basically do a series of excersises that involve lifting it from the floor to above your head, swinging it around your back, etc. but with dozens of reps. I find it very very intense, and highly recomend it. I agree - kettleballs can...
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