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Fair enough. Here is my hand made workbench, crafted from the finest artisanal lumber that reflects the terroir of the Japanese master craftsmen who created the caterpillar joints (early form of butterfly joint, you probably haven't heard of it).
fucking awful?
ThanThanks for the suggestions.I really like the look of the Max Bill as after getting the price down to around. AUD$1100 I'll just grab one
Any ideas on a thin ( <9mm) automatic dress watch?   Alternatively, a thin quartz dress watch?
positing of speakers is rubbish
sarb065 is better looking
how about some bigger lapels?
 What kind of of fucking idiot designs a balustrade like that? "Hate your kids? Want them to fall to their death?Try our new "invisi-rail" it's like there's nothing there. Perfect for ages 3 month - 6 years."
Thanks for the tip I'll give the baby powder a shot.   The edges are protected as there is a leather fold/clasp that wraps around both handles to keep them together. It is definitely the friction of the two edges that is causing the wear.
New Posts  All Forums: