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Why do the window have to be so jarring? Seems like trying too hard
the tip is always the best part
I see what you did there...
what? It's a floor.Poor the damn thing in one piece and saw cut lines if that's the look you're going for. And by the way, all the kitchens you chose look like shit.
 Why doesn't the pattern line up?Was the floor not poured in place? Looks like shit.
Looks like the shin-smasher 3000.Why does functionality have to be sacrificed for design?
Not bad but I get the feeling the owner would go to bed every night worrying about being raped and/or murdered.Much better to live in a crappy house in a good location than the other way around.
They are made in Guangdong in the Lombardy Provence.
flip them over, there will be some kind of marking on the base.Take a photo and upload it.
New Posts  All Forums: