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There is an art?   Don't you just put them on your feet and tie the laces? Left shoe on left foot, right shoe on right foot?
Tell them to go fuck themselves
No it isn't
A wooden blind in a shower?Who are they fucking kidding? I hope to have some photos shortly or a renovation I have been working on.Might make a change from some of the frankly un-liveable houses that show up in this thread.
How about putting a bit of logic in place that prevents a new account from creating more than 1 thread per 24 hour period for the first 10 days after account creation.   Jesus Christ, doesn't take a fucking rocket surgeon to work out what needs to be done.
Where to buy Mazzoleni gloves online?
Park Wholecut in Hatchgrain.   Is the MTO getting off the ground?
looks like shit.
Sumo. End of. Discussion
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