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Bunch of cunts.   How can anyone justify keeping a percentage of the sale that the government does not tax them on? I can't see how it isn't illegal or at least would't be of interest to the relevant tax authorities.
Just wear the second pair of suit pants that you purchased with the suit.   You do have a second pair of pants don't you?
Think about what goes well with chocolate. Strawberries, coffee, cream, etc.
Why do you people get an animal and then try to control it and negate its animal instincts?   What is the point?
Why do the window have to be so jarring? Seems like trying too hard
the tip is always the best part
I see what you did there...
what? It's a floor.Poor the damn thing in one piece and saw cut lines if that's the look you're going for. And by the way, all the kitchens you chose look like shit.
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