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I though he was a musician? 
only way it could be more cliche is if you make guests take off their shoes at the door and give them a pair of Uwabaki
The comment sounds suspiciously like it came from someone on Misc
Not to generalize or anything but why is it that every house I see on an American "renovation/building" show is so God damn fucking awful?   Do you people have any taste or style?   "Country" kitchens "Rustic" exposed ceiling beams "Stacked-stone" facades Mouldings as far as the eye can see The biggest God-damn stainless steel fridges I have ever seen beige on beige on beige wall treatments.   Jesus Christ!
All OTC socks I have ordered end up less than an inch from the base of my knee, if "the OTC socks do not come close to being over the calf" then you either have a lower leg twice the length of a normal human being or your are talking shit.   My Mid-Calf socks do keep falling down, however that is expected from a shorter sock unless you size down to get the extra tightness that will prevent the sock from falling.
I like French Cuffs and I can not lie You other brothers can't deny That when a guy walks in with an itty bitty link And a diamond thing in your face
You are correct, on both counts...
Anyone that puts an oven on the floor turns any kitchen, not matter how nice, in to an awful kitchen.
Awful kitchen
You ordered them on the 6th January and they haven't arrived?Should have definitely been delivered by now.
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