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Why the hell would you delete the thread? Isn't this page accessible to the Public? You don't have to be a member to read what is written here.   Someone sees the google result, they read the thread, they see that the problem was resolved and they can then make their decision on whether or not to buy the shoes.
now I'm no Columbo however I deduce that the j ingevaldsson and the Jesper Ingevaldsson in the article are the one and the same!
A friend of mine had haemorrhoids, said they were a real pain in arse!
wouldn't the collapse be the fault of the builder?
Oddly this jacket has hand sewn buttonholes but the buttons are non-functional
That house is a pile of shit, although a geometrically precise one at that
I though he was a musician? 
only way it could be more cliche is if you make guests take off their shoes at the door and give them a pair of Uwabaki
The comment sounds suspiciously like it came from someone on Misc
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