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What is throwing me is that they are a Zoom model of sorts as evidenced by the very unusual writing on the tongue. I haven't ever seen a pair of Nikes that didn't have the word Nike on the top of the tongue and yet these just have "Zoom", and even them the word "Zoom" has an accent over the "Z" which I have also never seen before.
Can atone ID these Nike shoes?
Now that's a nice house.
Thick bead of shoe goo does the trick. After putting the glue on the sole, rest the shoes upside down and perpendicular to the floor to allow the glue to run towards the very edge of the toe.
Ironically, in order to achieve the desired randomness of pattern it required careful sorting and consideration of the placement of each tile. That is the after photo.
As promised, this is the house I am working on. Tiling is throughout the entire house except for the bedrooms.
Set your phasers to "Awful"
if you're going to fuck it up by cutting it down might as well go ahead and add some racing stripes and LED strips underneath
The project is dragging along. I'll see if I can get a photo of the tiling in the back.
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