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No Vent or One Vent
Pretty sure I asked about Pants
I never left... In order of importance:- Quality (50%)- Price (30%)- Durability (20%) No more than $200 Don't want to waste time with Made to Measure, interested in RTW brands people are buying.
Where do people in Melbourne buy their business shirts from?
Buy a replica
But where will the monster go?
Last order arrived in less than 7 days and that is for deliver to Australia, was pleasantly surprised.   Tracking is only available when you order more than 3(?) pairs, although the Turkish Post tracking system is pretty shithouse.
Meh. What makes something truly great is not just the way it is constructed but also the way it is designed.Your table appears to be well made however I have little faith it will look any good
I believe those are from their Master collection...
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