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what a cockstain, the OP that is.   They gave you 10% refund, which covers the DHL admin/opening box fee.   Take the 10% and pay the fucking bill and be done with it.   In the future do not purchase any more items from Oki Ni, that is how you will extract revenge on them for this most grievous of errors.
Most likely caused by the pants rubbing on the underside of your desk
Leave and go to Sienna
Carmina seem to squeak as well as my meermins. Must be something to do with the construction method used by these spanish manufacturers.
A bit too much clutter but a very nice house indeed
About the only thing you can do is turn them in to fingerless gloves.
What is the point then?Might as well photoshop in an extra room, or move a wall around.Move the location of the house to a scenic outlook on top of a mountain Fucking ridiculous.
They are Plum? Not museum?
The D!
Why is there no railing on the stairs?
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