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 Why doesn't the pattern line up?Was the floor not poured in place? Looks like shit.
Looks like the shin-smasher 3000.Why does functionality have to be sacrificed for design?
Not bad but I get the feeling the owner would go to bed every night worrying about being raped and/or murdered.Much better to live in a crappy house in a good location than the other way around.
They are made in Guangdong in the Lombardy Provence.
flip them over, there will be some kind of marking on the base.Take a photo and upload it.
marijuana. I think most people only grow them indoors.
disappointed that the Balmoral Boot MTO is not hand welted: http://www.meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=13   Weren't all MTO previously from their Linea Maestro collection?
That is a fake
amazingly you got that half-right, twice! The middle book shelf looks sloppy.Needs to be flush with the side units or more clearly defined with a large step.
Have you looked in childrenswear?
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