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Any ideas on a thin ( <9mm) automatic dress watch?   Alternatively, a thin quartz dress watch?
positing of speakers is rubbish
sarb065 is better looking
how about some bigger lapels?
 What kind of of fucking idiot designs a balustrade like that? "Hate your kids? Want them to fall to their death?Try our new "invisi-rail" it's like there's nothing there. Perfect for ages 3 month - 6 years."
Thanks for the tip I'll give the baby powder a shot.   The edges are protected as there is a leather fold/clasp that wraps around both handles to keep them together. It is definitely the friction of the two edges that is causing the wear.
The edge dressing on the handles of my briefcase have become soft/tacky in the are where they meet and i hold my bag   Is there anything that can be done to stop this from happening? Do I need to remove all of the current edge dressing and apply a specific type that is resistant to heat and/or wear?   The attached photo, not of my specific bag, shows the problem area.   thanks.  
camels don't need coats, they are used to the cool desert nights.
 Ah China, once again distracting idiots, with shiny buildings, from the fact that they are a 3rd world country 50 years behind the Western world.
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