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now I'm no Columbo however I deduce that the j ingevaldsson and the Jesper Ingevaldsson in the article are the one and the same!
A friend of mine had haemorrhoids, said they were a real pain in arse!
wouldn't the collapse be the fault of the builder?
Oddly this jacket has hand sewn buttonholes but the buttons are non-functional
That house is a pile of shit, although a geometrically precise one at that
I though he was a musician? 
only way it could be more cliche is if you make guests take off their shoes at the door and give them a pair of Uwabaki
The comment sounds suspiciously like it came from someone on Misc
Not to generalize or anything but why is it that every house I see on an American "renovation/building" show is so God damn fucking awful?   Do you people have any taste or style?   "Country" kitchens "Rustic" exposed ceiling beams "Stacked-stone" facades Mouldings as far as the eye can see The biggest God-damn stainless steel fridges I have ever seen beige on beige on beige wall treatments.   Jesus Christ!
New Posts  All Forums: