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I think this statement highlights your lack of understand regarding architectural design. "Less is more" is very relevant in the design of the bedroom
Tokyo house is crap. Fall house is great
Bought a set of relic Tom Dixon pendants off eBay last week Cheap as chips, why would anyone pay full price?
Prices seem resolvable considering outside the EU there is the 20% reduction of VAT.   What was the shipping cost? This is where I find most foreign/online companies fall down.   I can tolerate $400 for a pair of handcrafted shoe, but I don't like paying $60 to deliver them.
Anything wrong with this leather? http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/cr-crest/item/cr502/
take it easy. If you must have something in copper from PH why wouldn't you get an Artichoke?
How much? How long?
Cordovan, the colour that is.
Cordovan is Cordovan. It all comes from a Horse's AssI don't buy into varying qualities in the leather. The construction of the wallet, or shoe, or jacket, is what determines the true quality of the piece.
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