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6.2 miles in 62 minutes Running is still shit
That looks terrible.I don't think it has "ruined" the shoe, but it sure as hell has made them look worse. You should get some sort of discount on the total cost, at least 30% off.
3.8 miles   Running is still the shittiest past-time on earth
I have a dark green cordovan wallet with tan lining and it is the duck's nuts.
About 3 miles.   Still fucking hate running
6km (call it 4 miles)   I fucking hate running
Has anyone purchase a pair of beef roll loafers in cordovan?   I can't see them on their site anymore and was wondering if it is still and option.
what a cockstain, the OP that is.   They gave you 10% refund, which covers the DHL admin/opening box fee.   Take the 10% and pay the fucking bill and be done with it.   In the future do not purchase any more items from Oki Ni, that is how you will extract revenge on them for this most grievous of errors.
Most likely caused by the pants rubbing on the underside of your desk
New Posts  All Forums: