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5 miles in 45 minutes. Only walked for about 60 seconds to stop from shitting myself, the worst part is that I was only 3 minutes faster than the last time I ran this distance.
Nothing make me happier than seeing someone like this: http://mechanicallumber.com/?page_id=9
This house is the bomb!
3.5 miles Running still feels like crap
Shipping to Australia shows 2 options. "Envío gratuito" and "Envío Standard"   Is this correct? Or is shipping 45 euro?
Seems to be a lot of this going on in this thread:
6.2 miles in 62 minutes Running is still shit
That looks terrible.I don't think it has "ruined" the shoe, but it sure as hell has made them look worse. You should get some sort of discount on the total cost, at least 30% off.
3.8 miles   Running is still the shittiest past-time on earth
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