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I though buffalo went extinct?
Fucking bullshit response. Demand a new bag and some form of compensation for fucking you around.
Haven't heard anything from Meermin other than the automated prompts. I know when I get the Invoice they are ready to ship, the problem is I haven't receieved an invoice.
Where to buy the best quality Chinos for sumnmer? Looking for vibrant colours and place that I can try them on or where they offer free exchange of sizes.
Ordered on the 13th August and not yet shipped. Pretty slack considering the order is a mix of Classic and Maestro shoes and nothing is ready yet.
Terrorsquad, any update on the final prototype of the chisel toe last for the wholecut hatch grain?
How many do you have?
"Passing up on those moccasins someone else has been walking in"
Miele Appliances = Wankers Kitchen
New Posts  All Forums: