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Interesting is Italian for abomination?
10K run in 66 minutes. Was going on pace until 4K when I took a scheduled break and started walking, lost all energy and couldn't get going again.
Wooden floors?   2003 called, they want their flooring back.
Too long a cook time for a steak.   Contrary to popular belief, hangar isn't a tough cut, it needs to be handled carefully
2KM, fuck this mile bullshit, in 09:30. Trying to run faster, not further.
Looks overcooked.   Going to start the brine on Friday and give the 48hr cook time a shot.
5 miles in 45 minutes. Only walked for about 60 seconds to stop from shitting myself, the worst part is that I was only 3 minutes faster than the last time I ran this distance.
Nothing make me happier than seeing someone like this:
This house is the bomb!
3.5 miles Running still feels like crap
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