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  Have they tried Horween in Chicago?
couldn't leave one for the common man?
OK, which one of you bastards bought all 4 of the XL Green Polos from MJ Bale?
Never wash your shirts with the buttons done up. You can wash them inside out however to reduce the chance of chipping by facing the button away from the drum of the washing machine.
  Looks damn good for a replica.   How much?
looks like shit.   If the shoes weren't in that condition before you sent them, then you should definitely get the re-crafting done again for free.
  Love that sofa!   The colours, the texture, that thing is sweet.
Are these the wool trousers I have been waiting for?   How much would it cost for the pure wool fabric made up as dress pants? I don't understand fabric weights, can you give me a comparison as to what these fabrics would be on a Super 00's scale?   thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: