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Heads up if anyone is looking at Mantorii for some MTO shoes, fucking forget those guys.   Sent me the wrong size shoes and now I have to pay to send them back for a remake, unfucking believable.   Avoid Mantorii at all costs.
that is exactly what i wanted but OzzyJones doesn't want camel toes, for his shoes anyway.
nice.   I could also go for Hatchgrain in a penny loafer, full strap, not beefroll.
high armholes to get the cape out of the way of the bull.
Chukka? fuck me, I don't even own jeans, or wear shoes when not wearing dress trousers.   I'll keep my ears peeled for the one after the hatchgrain.
Ideally the shoes should be tight on first wearing. Theoretically, if they are loose then they shouldn't stretch as you aren't going to be applying a lot of force on the leather beacause there is already enough space inside.   Wearing them without socks might be another thing all together and they may feel too loose.
Went to David Jones, shoe trees were fucking shit.   At this stage Amazon is the best option, at about $35 a pair. Does anyone else have an online source? Something about Bexleys?
I like that you understand how I don't like a lot of things.
We were all just a twinkle in our father's eye at one stage...   Have any details about the hatchgrain been tossed around?   Loafer? boot? NST?
C size is skinny, no? How can we tell if they look wide? the only way to make that call would be for you to wear a shoe on one foot and nothing on the other. Do you plan on walking around like that or will you be more conventional and wear both shoes at the same time?   If the shoes are standard width, D? E?, then they will look fine in EVERYONES eyes.   If they are loose on YOUR foot, then that is a different matter. The NEw Ray is skinny so go with them if the current...
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