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how are the hangers sold by "The Hanger Project" better than these: http://www.mycoathangers.com.au/products/Deluxe-Walnut-Wooden-Coat-Hanger-w%7B47%7DNon%252dSlip-Bar-sold-in-bundles-of-5pcs%7B47%7D10pcs%7B47%7D20pcs.html   Remeber that these are about $10 a hanger including postage, even cheaper when you buy more at once.
solid colour square that match one of the tie colours.
you said "price drop" and then listed the same price.
wear them to the bin and then place them inside said bin.
poor baby. whatever will you do now?
viccel.us   Their Winter Weight socks Over The Calf are very nice indeed.
Isn't the dye on both sides of the fabric?   I would say the reason to wash inside out is becasue you wear them outside in, the face of the cloth is protected during the wash cycle so when you wear them the pristine fabric is on display.
  What will hold up the ceiling/floor?
Ironically, if the item is made in America there is no duty to pay.
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