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C size is skinny, no? How can we tell if they look wide? the only way to make that call would be for you to wear a shoe on one foot and nothing on the other. Do you plan on walking around like that or will you be more conventional and wear both shoes at the same time?   If the shoes are standard width, D? E?, then they will look fine in EVERYONES eyes.   If they are loose on YOUR foot, then that is a different matter. The NEw Ray is skinny so go with them if the current...
I need a set of beads approxiametly 8 inches long, with a half inch space between them and about an inch in diameter for the biggest down to a quater inch for the smallest.   Based on the people you market your products too it should be no problem for you to make these.   thanks.
Is it the roof or the ground? Make up your fucking mind!
Hatchgrain you say? Sounds interesting...   Did I miss the MTO details or is this something that is still in the early stages?
fuck I hate grass roofs.
Where to get shoe trees in Aus? If i order  couple pairs online they come out to around $40 each, for that price I would like to think I could walk in to a store in Melbourne and buy them on the spot.
Mantorii. They got the width right, fucked up the length.   I am quietly confident in the Meermin MTO as it is a normal size shoe shoe for them, they are using an existing last and making it to their standard size.
How is the Museum Calf MTO going? Fingers crossed for shipment to begin in May?   I just got burnt with another pair of MTO's that the maker stuffed up so I am itching to get something in my hands.
Need a pair of shoes like sarcozy:  
length is fine if you are a douchebag/trend follower
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