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so this is Engrish Neon Genesis Evangelion?
Who makes the best value for money shirts? I understand that a $400 shirt will be better than a $50 item, however I don't think it will be 8 times better.
Button point is way too high, needs to be lowered an inch or so.
So I'm confused where we stand on the wholecut hatchgrain.   It's going to look like the picture posted in this thread? If so, I'm in.
  Just to be clear, in your opinion the following shoes look like shit?
chinstrap != beard
I'm in for the hatchgrain wholecuts on the proviso that they, A) Use a chisel toe last, B) Have a low/squeezed toe box, and C) Make the foot shape symmetrical   Pretty much the photo shown by Terrorsquad to highlight the leather is the perfect execution of hatch grain.   No point using a "loud" skin and dulling it by using a round toe or some brouging.
what the fuck is going on here? Is she the world record holder for the 1000m time trial?
  Wow, those wallets are nothing like the one I lnked to. thanks for your help anyway.
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