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looks fucked   get a replacement
RL Marlow   First pair of Cordovan Shoes   Took advantage of a change in distribution companies for RL Australia and picked these up for $380, fucking unbelivebale price.  
  I mentioned this in my earlier post; My shoes are squeaking so fucking loudly I am just about ready to stop wearing them.   A quick test leads me to believe it is the upper rubbing in the crease where my foot bends when walking. Talcum powder has done sweet fuck all to fix the problem so it isn't a  welt issue.
Damn!   Just to be clear, they are Cordovan and no chance at costing less than $350?   I can get a pair of RL Marlow for $350 and would only hold off if the Rancourts came in at the ame price.
Church Fight!   Matisse - The Chapelle d Saint-Marie du Rosaire http://idlespeculations-terryprest.blogspot.com.au/2007/04/chapelle-du-saint-marie-du-rosaire-in.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APaXLXAVkmQ   Gaudi - The Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lYdrhYYWpg     Having visited both sites and spent time in them makes you appreciate architecture for the sheer fact that you can represent the one...
  You say "..but with a view like that, who gives a shit" however I say "wouldn;t it be even better if you had that view AND a beuatiful, warm, house that you wanted to live in?"
I love purple, i hate those ^ laces on that shoe   After receieving my MTO Museum calf and wearing my classic line oxfords for a year, I have to say that I am done with Meermin. There was intention to buy a pair of plain cap toe, black oxfords however that idea is shelved.   The MTO are not up to the standard for the price paid and the classic line squeak so loudly they are unwearable in an office environment. Seeing the mounting QA issues and my own...
  Too cold and sterile. Where is the love?
Tolley on Bourke St has unlined peccary gloves for $250
you make me cry
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