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no fucking way. Then again I don't own jeans
horses are living beings...cows too
Is there going to be a fire sale?  
The problem about getting what you paid for is even at a discount, the cost of $250 is pushing into Meermin Linea Maestro territory and the Meermin's are a far better quality shoe.   If you factor in the need to spend money on shipping the shoes back because they don't fit, Mantorii looks even worse. I'm not sure what their strategy is, considering they offer standard shoe style, the same as every other manufacturer and they are not offering true MTO, more like MTM.
What a fucking joke.   Hangers hold your clothes up, how much engineering needs to go in to them?
what the fuck?
This thread is to serve as a PSA for anyone considering using Mantorii for a pair of shoes.   Everything seemed to be going along smoothly at first, barring a few delivery delays which are expected and not all that bothersome, however when I finally took delivery of my shoes I was first struck by the poor finishing and lack of attention to detail shown in the manufacture of my new shoes, this however was quickly forgotten after trying them on and realizing that...
From the pictures, and the tag, I take it that this is unused?   How much including shipping to Australia?   thanks.
really?   He has organised two MTO's for Meermin alone, and from what I can gather, also a number for VASS. He has shown an ability to generate a list of requirements from the forum, gauge the desire, and create an order that a large number of people are interested in.   So far the "hatchgrain MTO", has covered two types of construction types, two colour tones, and about 5 shoe styles. Yep, we are almost ready to order...
Need TerrorSquad to step in and sort this shit out. He has an inside line to Pepe...
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