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  yep.   Order, pay, wait... and they should arrive within a couple of weeks.
Dorchester run long in the toe.   Size 1 UK down to stretch the shoe to your foot or size .5 down for a relaxed fit from day one.
1 & 2 for a suit 3 for the couch
I'll give you $20
Sizes on the website are tiny.   Do they plan on making size 12/13?
I find that after application my shoes seem drier, I'm assuming this si the renovauter coating and not the leather iteself.   After a good brush the shoes come up nicely and seem no worse off.
Will Double Monk order C&J shoes if they dont have the size you need? Is the cost the same a their normal price
impossible to look good in cheap clothing   entirely possible, and advisable, to look good in clothing that is cheaper than much more expensive pieces.
Should have dropped your pants and just shit on the floor whilst pissing in to the urinal, show him who the real boss is.
Too much going on in that space.
New Posts  All Forums: