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Acetone, for your sins my son.
The welt on those loafers is terrible for that type of shoe. Needs to be rounded down and cut closer to the upper
Everyone in this thread is wrong.   Use Acetone, AKA nail polish remover, on a cotton bud, not the one that goes in your ear, and one the acetone hits the ink it will spread the stain into a lighter colour, repeat until you have diluted the stain completly and then wash in cold water.
Where is the burqua storage in that Pakistan house?
the stuff you post is shit
Wait for the Meermin MTO guys to show up in here and complain about the shit leather Meermin used from Ileca.
My opinion is that those shoes aren't oxfords.
i'll give you $40 for the dolphin tie including shipping to Australia
looks fucked   get a replacement
RL Marlow   First pair of Cordovan Shoes   Took advantage of a change in distribution companies for RL Australia and picked these up for $380, fucking unbelivebale price.  
New Posts  All Forums: