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Mountain & Sackett have 30% off some of their ties: http://www.mountainandsackett.com/productcart/pc/viewcategories.asp?idCategory=33   Nice alternative to the crap that is mass produced out of factories in Italy.
  Need to soften the welt for the Hatchgrain and have it follow the lines of the toe box a lot tighter.
If the camera adds 10kg, how many cameras were on you when the photo was taken? I kid, I kid.   jacket too tight around belly, chest looks OK trouser waist too low and most likely length too short.   Men with large thigh shouldn't cross their legs.
  You do fittings at my house or you have a location in the CBD?   The dungeon "recreation room" in my house does not have great lighting on account of the lack of windows.
  95 euro for a belt made from 15 euros worth of leather?   Thanks for investigating the belt option but I'm out.
Why not buy Viccel?
Jacket is far too tight in the back and too tight in the front.
$285?   What are they made out of, Mithril?   The price is MTM based on measurements taken by you guys or more of a Luxire type arangement?
how much for just trousers?
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