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Will the leather be finished to a darker tone?
How goes the hatchgrain wholecut?
  from the size of the shoes, you must have tiny feet.
fucking awful boots.   nice quality.
Polish with real ox's blood.
Treat whatever he says as a lie.   Plan your life accrodingly and if in three, six, nine, whatever months he says he has a job for you, and you want the job he has to offer, take it and go from there.
Is it possible to have a more elongated toebox for the wholecut. The last shoes posted appear a lot squarer/stubier that the original hatchgrain photos.
Mountain & Sackett have 30% off some of their ties: http://www.mountainandsackett.com/productcart/pc/viewcategories.asp?idCategory=33   Nice alternative to the crap that is mass produced out of factories in Italy.
  Need to soften the welt for the Hatchgrain and have it follow the lines of the toe box a lot tighter.
New Posts  All Forums: