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There is something wrong with the jacket, just not sure what it is exactly.
Picked up one of these: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/titaya/item/np059_06/   Was a bit hesititant about quality of the leather and weather it was real Cordovan, however for the price and from the photos I figured it was worth a punt. Beatiful workmanship and for $135 delivered it is a bargain compared to the inflated, wanker-prestige, prices being charged for Whoreween.
They seem to not be responding, hwoever I ordered 21 socks a 10 days ago and they arrived today.   Interestingly, I asked them about their Wool socks and told them to swap the free pair in my order with a wool pair so that I could try them out, they never responded to that email however in the delivery were the cotton free pair AND a wool free pair. It looks like even though they aren't responding they are getting the emails.   The wool pair are very soft and look the...
  I think this looks fucking sweet!
My shoes have crease at points you wouldn't expect them. I think Ileca has provided shit leather or wanted more money for all high quality skins and Meermin cheaped out.   It will be interesting if the second order of Museum Calf has the same problems or if Ileca gets their shit together and provide good quality leather.   Bending the shoe side you the leatehr feels soft and floppy, no substance and not stiff, this is making it crease eaisly.   Overall a...
Will the leather be finished to a darker tone?
How goes the hatchgrain wholecut?
  from the size of the shoes, you must have tiny feet.
fucking awful boots.   nice quality.
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