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Liquid Nails and screws would be 10 times as strong and 100 times as fast to construct. You remind me of the guys on This Old House, I can admire the craftsmanship but the voice in the back of my head is always saying "why the fuck are they wasting their time doing it that way?"
Aural history?
All that fucking around and it is no stronger than something i could bang together in less than 10 minutes with a nail gun. If you are doing a wall mounted toilet this is the only one to consider:
It's Cordovan antic cognac.Markings on the soles don't concern me. Within 10 steps outside the soles will be marked far beyond what the factory did.
I don;t personally, but there is a hard of hearing, mute with a vision impairment down my street that has one.
Just arrived.   A few blemishes in the leather but I'm satisfied overall.  
My Cordovan Wholecuts will be here tomorrow. Will post pictures
First time purchaser from "the land down under"
I sent an email to Vass, they responded, I paid, they shipped.   Don't waste money with a "proxy"
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