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Aural history?
All that fucking around and it is no stronger than something i could bang together in less than 10 minutes with a nail gun. If you are doing a wall mounted toilet this is the only one to consider:
It's Cordovan antic cognac.Markings on the soles don't concern me. Within 10 steps outside the soles will be marked far beyond what the factory did.
I don;t personally, but there is a hard of hearing, mute with a vision impairment down my street that has one.
Just arrived.   A few blemishes in the leather but I'm satisfied overall.  
My Cordovan Wholecuts will be here tomorrow. Will post pictures
First time purchaser from "the land down under"
I sent an email to Vass, they responded, I paid, they shipped.   Don't waste money with a "proxy"
I love the fact that the whole "baghead is a genius" lawsuit angle just isn't going to work and yet Hooli with their yes men are going to run themselves into the ground pursuing it.
New Posts  All Forums: