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the balance between the drawer heights is fucked. It is off putting to look at
The top of the doors are not level.The gap above the right door is greater than that of the left. It also looks like the top of the left hand door is not flush with the side board and has a visible lip. I like how you think you are accurate with your measurements even through you are using an imperial scaleWhen you get a chance, give millimetres a go.
If you're after wacky Japanese stuff this place is hard to beat:   The number of times I've wandered through their warehouse and almost bought a Pachinko machine is too numerous to count.
Make sure you get a large sample from Forbo to be sure it is what you are expecting. We are putting in Marmoleum in a small central area that is surrounded on all sides by very busy tiles.The hardest part is finding someone to;A) Do the work on a small area, andB) Has the skills necessary to level the floor and apply the feather coat Although Marmoleum is a very durable product and very comfortable underfoot, it will telegraph any humps and valleys of the substrate it is...
Marmoleum is the answer.
Posting photos of houses that are liveable? What has this thread come to!
You and I have vastly different definitions of the word "perfect"
I don't know about that.   Speak to VASS and ask them about shipping.   It was 40 Euro or so for FedEx to Australia
Must be CGI. Libraries ceased to exist in the year 2010
Would be so much quicker to cut it down with a sawzall
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