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Buy a replica
But where will the monster go?
Last order arrived in less than 7 days and that is for deliver to Australia, was pleasantly surprised.   Tracking is only available when you order more than 3(?) pairs, although the Turkish Post tracking system is pretty shithouse.
Meh. What makes something truly great is not just the way it is constructed but also the way it is designed.Your table appears to be well made however I have little faith it will look any good
I believe those are from their Master collection...
Definitely prefer machine (internal) stitched, Hand stitched looks too boxy and rough for my tastes.
how far away are we from the chisel toe wholecut hatch grain shoes?
Fair enough. Here is my hand made workbench, crafted from the finest artisanal lumber that reflects the terroir of the Japanese master craftsmen who created the caterpillar joints (early form of butterfly joint, you probably haven't heard of it).
fucking awful?
ThanThanks for the suggestions.I really like the look of the Max Bill as after getting the price down to around. AUD$1100 I'll just grab one
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