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parents finally moved into their new house. Renovation is about 80% there with all the outside still needing to be done and some finishing touches on the inside.   My dad bought this Alessi toilet brush to clean turds off the Alessi toilet.
All asian buildings look the same
I find buying a bed something of a tricky question in regards to the ratio between frame and mattress.   If I had $10,000 to spend I would rather use $9,999 on the mattress and the remainder on a frame that ensures the mattress functions as well as possible.   I would buy this frame as it is the cheapest, most inoffensive item that I can...
doesn't matter if it is antique or not it is fucking ugly.Also, it is not Art Deco
Lucky for them there is no documented case anywhere, ever, in the entire world, of tree roots damaging concrete...
Just one more thing...
Look up the Arne Jacobsen EKLIPTA. We have one each side of the bed head and they throw a very nice soft light and best of all they look good even when not turned on.
If you want something rarer look into the PH Louvre   We have a PH5 over the dining table and I've lost count of the number of times I hit my fucking head on the wide rim.
the balance between the drawer heights is fucked. It is off putting to look at
The top of the doors are not level.The gap above the right door is greater than that of the left. It also looks like the top of the left hand door is not flush with the side board and has a visible lip. I like how you think you are accurate with your measurements even through you are using an imperial scaleWhen you get a chance, give millimetres a go.
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